A wood expert said, "Iran has become self-sufficient in producing compressed wood bindings, and more production capacity has been created than the domestic demand."
The Deputy Khorasan Razavi's Governor in the coordination of economic affairs and the development of human resources said, "Organizing the subsidies and preventing the imports of goods which can be domestically manufactured are the two core tasks which should be implement by the Cabinet and the parliament with serious determination."
The Deputy Minister of Industry in Management development, Resources and Provincial Affairs said, "22000 industrial units which were about to be shut down return to production cycle, and this year 30000 industrial units which are about to be shut down will be active
The managing director of Kurdistan industrial parks said, "Te opening of the multi-ply carton making and packaging plant in Bijar industrial park in Kurdistan province coincided the occasion of marking the Cabinet Week."
In a meeting with the Member of Parliament Commission of Industries, Gholamreza Shoja emphasized, "I am afraid 30 thousand people working in the field of printing have been redundant and unemployed due to the wrong policies of the 10th Cabinet and lack of adequate attention of the 11th Cabinet for the last 10 years."
With the presence of the Economic and Commercial Deputy of the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade the 1000 ton cold storage project of Panda Mihan Company was opened in Kurdistan.
The director of the public relations at the International Packaging & Printing Exhibition announced the change in the opening date of the exhibition.
The representative of Tafresh, Ashtian, and Farahan in the parliament said, "The private sector's investments in production and employment should be supported, and the Cabinet should facilitate the conditions for the increase in these measures."
The Wheels of Ghaemshahr Paper Industries, as one of the well-known and important factories in cellulose industries of the country, which has stopped since the early 21 century, reopened with an investment of 70 billion Rials in the Cabinet's Week.
the 12th Festival of Premier Tehran Cooperatives
In recent years, Iran's customs have taken different measures one of the most important of which was the electronic customization of the customs which brought some achievements in this field.
Referring to the blockade of some Iranian bank accounts in China, the ambassador of China in Tehran said, "The negotiations between the official of both countries are going on, so we should be somewhat patient in this respect in order that the problems will resolved."
The head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce, stating that the conditions of supplying visa have made problems for both sides, said, "It is not possible to trade by a suitcase of cash."
Reducing the country's dependence on oil revenue, the development and the increase of non-oil exports in long run will lead to increased production and economic growth. Hence, strengthening and increasing non-oil exports is one of the most important issues which should be included in the twelfth government's plans and which should be pay attention to in line with the resistance economy.
The First Printing and Packaging Exhibition will be held in Shahr-e-Aftab with the cooperation of an Iranian and German company in October.
The Cooperative Co. with the cooperation of Nik Nam Technology Development Co. intends to hold a seminar on boilers and steam system with the following subjects in August (Mordad):
The technical service and commercial deputy of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, stating that the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade is in charge of approving the cards issued by Iran's Chamber of Commerce, said, "Those who are behind one-time cards are mostly state-owned, pseudo governmental, and affiliated companies to foundations."
If the promises are fulfilled, we will return to previous procedure in 4 months.
At the meeting of the members of the Specialized Organization of Paper, Cardboard, and Cellulosic products, some problems in the trade of paper types were pointed to, and the necessity to pay attention to technical and specialized knowledge at customs and the exact monitoring the type of imported product in compliance with commodity tariffs were emphasized.
At the meeting of the Director General of Iranian Trade Development Organization with the Specialized Organization of Paper, Cardboard, and Cellulosic products, the issues including the paper market, the quantity of production, the domestic demand, the market, the import sources, the dominant bank arrangements, the international and domestic price of products were discussed.
Explaining the latest developments in the trade between Iran and China, the Vice president of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce said, "Due to the decrease in the prices of oil and raw materials in the world, the trend of trade between Iran and China has declined for the last three years."
The port and maritime director of Amirabad special economic zone said, "The amount of investment in this port has already reached one thousand and 150 million Tomans, and 31 contracts have been made.”
The book of Export Import Regulations was published was printed and published with new amendments approved by the Cabinet of Ministers with delay.
This year, the International Standard Day will be globally introduced with an Iranian's poster design.
Isfahan Customs General Director said, "20 thousand and 526 tons of goods arrived at Isfahan Customs, which increased by 18% in weight and 65% in value compared to the same period of the previous year."
The project of Isfahan Printing & Publishing Park is stopped at present. It was hard for some people active in printing and publishing to leave the city in the current economic conditions and move to the park. On the whole, we left the decision to the active business people of printing and publication.
The board of directors' report to regular session of annual general assembly of the shareholders for the financial year ending on March 20, 2017
Over 200 Croatian companies are ready to develop relations.
The director general of Islamic Culture and Guidance of the Qeshm Free Zone Organization announced the issuance of an agreement to launch the first printing house on the island.
The head of Environmental Protection Organization, stressing the importance of environmental licensing system, said, "We hope to make our country's economic growth green so that the graph of destruction and pollution will be separated from development."
Evaluating the issue of separating the Ministry of Commerce from the Industry and Mine, the head of Industrial Commission in Iran Chamber of Commerce said, "It is a wrong measure because it is in contrary to the process of agile making and downsizing policy of the government.
The head of Urmia Protection of Environment Office announced the closure and activity suspension of a paper making unit in the industrial area of Karimabad in Urmia.
Pointing out the 21% growth in producing liner and fluting paper in 2016, the Chemical and Cellulose director general of the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade reported the addition of at least 300 thousand tons to the country's production capacity of packaging paper by the end of this year.
The Research and Technology Deputy of Shahroud Islamic Azad University reported that the university researchers had succeeded to make sodium sulfate from the wastes of acid factories.
The chairman of Industries and mines commission of Iran Chamber considered recession and lack of liquidity one of the obstacles of production and said, "Enterprises require to change their technology and skilled manpower."
4 workers died due to the fall into the tank of paper pulp in Mashhad
The first deputy chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce, criticizing the erroneous view on Chinese products said, "It is a misconception to say that Iran only imports from China. The Iran-China trade has always been positive in our favor.
The president of Iran Association of Paper Industries said, "Despite the approval of the Article One Committee with the request to increase tariffs on imported paper, the request was not welcome and confirmed by the Cabinet of the government.
A review on the official statistics indicates that in the first month of this year, China was the leading country both in the export to and import from Iran, and most Iran's exports belonged to this country.
Stating that island approach cannot be effective, Roghani said, "Paying attention merely to production cannot be considered an important factor of economic growth."
The researchers achieved a new way to extract carbon fiber from paper and bio-fuel wastes
The first paper making factory from calcium carbonate rocks was inaugurated in Shabestar city in the presence of the governor of East Azerbaijan province and other provincial officials.
Referring to the unhealthy competition of the State with the private sector, the chairman of the Tehran Chamber of Investment said, “The government should accomplish its duties such as financing and implementing the infrastructure instead of competing unequally with the private sector.”
Since the highest amount of the produced dry waste is paper and paper products in the city, the organization is in charge of collecting waste paper from governmental and private offices and agencies.
The 23rd International Exhibition of Food and Agricultural Industries was inaugurated in Baku with the participation of 100 companies from 28 countries including Iranian companies on Wednesday evening.
The CEO of Lorestan Industrial Towns Co. announced the establishment of a rock terminal in the province.
The communication and media expert and the university professor pointed out the importance of the broadband in the 11th Cabinet and said, "Live webcast of the candidates' campaigns and othe programs on TV is the phenomenon of this election.
Academic researchers have made a kind of paper that produces plasma. The dangerous bacteria can be destroyed by using this paper as coatings on the clothes and equipment.

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