Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) microplastics are widely recognised as a significant contributor to marine plastic pollution, making up over 40% of plastic debris on Asian beaches.
Smurfit Kappa Group CEO Tony Smurfit said that the combination of Smurfit Kappa and WestRock is a promising and complementary deal.
Since young children went back to school across Sweden recently, many of their teachers have been putting a new emphasis on printed books, quiet reading time and handwriting practice, and devoting less time to tablets, independent online research and keyboarding skills.
Over the last two decades, technology has become part of almost every facet of our lives. The expansion of broadband, smartphones and portable technology has changed how we communicate, access information, work and learn.
The pulp and paper industry shares the twin challenge of high energy prices and a need to decarbonize.
Why buy something new when you can renovate and upgrade? These are values packaging giant Billerud in Kalix, northern Sweden, lives by. So, a retrofit solution with new energy-efficient circuit breakers was a perfect match when its decades-old switchgear needed new life.
Wear of vital machine components is a significant issue for the pulp and paper industry. It results in added costs for repairs, replacement and ongoing maintenance, as well as the cost of lost production.
The origins of toilet tissue embossing are rooted in practically. The three-dimensional patterns increase surface area and liquid absorbency of the tissue, and also keep multiple plies from peeling apart.
Corrugated board is widely used in the packing industry. The main advantages are lightness, recyclability, and low cost. This makes the material the best choice to produce containers devoted to the shipping of goods.
Export decline & excess capacity have dropped-down demand for kraft and duplex paper; production capacity squeezed
72% of German children read in their leisure time at least several times a week. Printed books and magazines are clearly more popular than people believe, according to the KiMM survey with more than 2,000 respondents.
A new study commissioned by Cepi to AFRY, a Scandinavian firm supplying engineering and advisory services, shows the untapped further potential for paper mills to function as renewable energy hubs.
The world is moving toward a circular economy. At Resolute, we are continuously seeking opportunities to divert residues from our operations toward beneficial uses.
r. Ilona Leppänen, hailing from Finland, has been recognised amongst the world’s best young researchers working in forestry and forest product innovation. Her work tackles a global issue related to plastics for which no solution existed so far.
The Governor of Gilan province, stating that exemplary villagers and mayors in waste management should be introduced by the governors, added, "We will not be able to manage waste without separating waste from the source, so this culture should be established among the people."
Similar to 2020, the Pulp and Paper industry underwent some significant changes in 2021—some expected, some unexpected.
Grass corrugated cardboard is the new sustainable trend in the packaging industry.
The different printing methods for custom packaging can help your brand stand out from the competition and create memorable unboxing experiences for your consumers.
Referring to the order of the Director of the Pars Paper Industrial Group and mobilizing all the possibilities in this regard, Ebrahimi said, "The management will directly monitor all the ongoing actions and preventive measures of Corona virus personally."
The seminar is to be held in Iran by Parason India, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of pulp and paper machinery in the world.
Ilim Group, Russia’s largest pulp and paper producer with an annual production volume of more than three million tons, will significantly expand its production capacity in a project now underway
The recycling of waste paper has been long established as an environmentally friendly and especially cost-effective method in paper production.
By taking a broad view, combined with detailed process knowledge and modern tools, troublesome Yankee problems can usually be solved quite rapidly
With today’s increasingly high energy and chemical costs and stringent environmental regulations, the need for improved recovery of chemicals from the pulp and paper making process has become a critical economic factor in the industry. It is essential that mills maximise steam and power production capacity, reduce recirculating chemical dead loads, and minimise chemical losses.
New patented embossing roll gives higher converting speeds while reducing differences between sides and increasing roll firmness
Therefore, a fundamental goal of tissue product development is to move beyond the existing strength/softness relationship for a given process (shown in the black line below), and to obtain improved softness with less of a penalty to strength, or even better, with no loss in strength (as indicated by the red line).
Processing Recycle-Based Fibers for Tissue & Towel HUGH BUSINESS …
For tissue paper products, the process of creping is what gives the sheet the required lower density and increased caliper, as well as numerous other desirable properties. This article examines the basic mechanics of the conventional dry-crepe process, the technology which is used for the majority of the world’s tissue manufacture.
Dry-crepe tissue technology, which involves pressing of the sheet when it is in a wet state, is the most common method of tissue manufacture. This is often called the “conventional” process because of its widespread use throughout the world .
The paper making has grown very well in Iran over the past few years so that the current capacity of the installed paper making machinery in Iran reaches around 3,500,000 tons.
Iran has exported 27,000 tons of carton box within 9 months.
The meeting was held by the invitation of Paper and Cardboard Syndicate following the joint meetings of the two industrial bodies.
The account of Let's Go China industrial tour – the visit to manufacturers of carton and corrugated sheet machinery and production lines
The Board of the Directors of Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives visited Caspian Paper Making Complex.
The first (this year) joint meeting of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers with the Association and the Cooperative Co. of the members of the Association of Carton and Sheet Industry Executives was held in the joint office of the Association and Cooperative Company on April 11, 2017.
At present, he is the deputy chairman of the board at the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives
The board of directors of the Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives and the board of Iran Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Producers visited Mr. Azami at his home yesterday.
The coordination meeting to discuss the paper issues was held in the office of the Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives with the presence of the board of directors of Iran Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Producers yesterday.
At present, he is the head of Iran Association of Carton and Sheet Executives.
The member of the Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives
External problems are caused by the excessive consumption of polymeric packaging due to the domestic production of polymer materials which make polymeric packaging cheaper than paper, cardboard and other cellulose packaging.
The presence of the pioneers and the senior managers of carton and printing industries in the gathering of the executives of domestic carton industry
The Iranian manufacturers of Cartons and corrugated sheets and Chinese companies attended the dinner party.
Caspian Paper Making Complex the manufacturer of different types of packaging paper (white top liner, kraft liner) in accordance with international standards started selling its products.
The members of the Board of the Cooperative Company visited Chuka Factory
One of the founders and shareholders of Khobreh Mihan Co. in 1998
The members of the board at the Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Corrugated Sheet Executives

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