Our Services,

It is a pleasure for www.paperandwood.com to offer the following VIP professional services for the foreign companies that are interested to be present and active on the market of paper, corrugated sheet, cartona, and packaging industries in Iran. 
1. Introducing your products and services on cellulose related websites (below please  kindly find the list of the afore said  sites).
2. The Methods of introducing your products and services:
- Sending emails to the target potential customers 
- Sending SMS to the target potential customers
- Introducing your products and services to the target potential customers on the phone
- Translating and publishing your scientific articles on our main website and sending them to the customers 
- Interviewing your company managers and publishing the translated interviews on the websites
- Translating and subtitling your commercial videos (teaser) and sending them to customers
3- Providing a professional translator for meetings and visiting factories.
4- Designing and printing all commercial literature, including catalogs, brochures, posters
5- Renting and equipping booths in international and specialized exhibitions in Iran
6- Conducting market research for cellulose products.
7. Providing the access to statistics and information related to the production, import, export and consumption of various types of paper, cartons and cardboard in Iran
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and the relevant costs through the following contact:
Mobile: +989121169610
WhatsApp: +989121169610
Email: paperandwood@gmail.com

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