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About paperandwood.com
This Site was designed and launched by a team of experts and analysts in paper and wood industries in early 2006. Our main aim was to help foreign companies to penetrate Iran’s market more easily. Our first strategy to reach this target was to have very close and trustworthy connections with all Iranian businesspeople strong in paper and cardboard fields of activity. Luckily, we managed to do this by providing a variety of services with paper and cardboard industries as follows:
• Our website has an average of 5000 daily IP Address Visitors.
• Paperandwood.com is very active in social networks such as Facebook, google +, twitter, Instagram, and linkdin.
• We have over 11000 official members who are handling over 90% of total market of paper and cardboard.
• We send the latest updates on paper and cardboard market by daily non-stopped SMS at 9 a.m. sharp because it is easier for the businesspeople to check the news on their cell phone.
• We send 350000 newsletters to all major people who are in paper and cardboard business by weekly email.
• All the people active in paper and cardboard business always wait to receive our analyses and news to decide about their routine tactics on the market and make the best decision.
• We find foreign creditable suppliers of machinery and raw materials and introduce them to our members without intervening in their negotiations.
As a result, our website has been changed into the only gateway to Iran’s paper and cardboard market because we have made a very sincere and friendly relation with the market.
Unfortunately, due to several years of UN’s and western countries’ sanctions, we could introduce only those foreign companies participating at different International Exhibitions in different cities of Iran most of whom were from Far East Asia.
However, the good news is that the sanctions are about to be suspended in near future, and many western companies are willing to be present on Iran’s unsaturated market. So, it will be a great opportunity for foreign companies to connect with Iranian manufacturing and trading companies active in paper and cardboard through our informative site because our site is the only means for them to be introduced to all the paper and cardboard companies in a very short time and become well known on our market.

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