Dear members of the Syndicate, the esteemed producers and the valuable economic activists in the field of cellulose industries.
The lecture by Mr. Azami, the CEO of the Association of Carton and Corrugated Sheet
The head of the Trade Development Organization said, "Our calculations show that our export capacity to neighboring countries is 100 billion USD more than it is today."
The production of different types of paper with different applications in the Haf-Tappeh Pars Paper Factory has been accelerated so that the company can meet part of the country’s requirement for paper
President of the Syndicate of Iranian Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers
Nowadays the main priority of the Syndicate's programs is the health of our society and people in the current conditions.
Pointing to an increase of 4800 billion Rial capital, the Managing Director of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industrial Company announced the possibility of doubling the production capacity.
The technical and customs affairs deputy of Iran's customs said, "There has been no problem in terms of foreign currencies, securing them, clearance and other banking cases for paper imports, and only the relevant regulations had to be specified."
The member of the board of directors of Iranian Association of Cellulosic and Hygienic Industries said, "The domestic annual production of tissues is currently 150,000 tons."
speech by Mr. Dr. Azami, Managing Director of the Association of Carton and Sheet Industry Managers at the Paper and Cardboard Craftsmen Forum of Iran and Chinese Experts
speech by Ms. Winnie Lee, Director of Lets Guccina Tours at the Paper & Cardboard & Sheet Craftsmen Dinner and Chinese experts at the Independence Hotel Light Sea Hotel Esteghlal Azar 98
This ceremony was held in Esteghlal Hotel Noor Sea Hall on 98/9/9 with the participation of Iranian paper and cardboard industry and Chinese industry experts and Chinese experts.
Given the recent rainfalls in the country and the damage to the northern areas of Khuzestan Province, what is the status of the Pars Paper Industrial Group after the flood in the region?
Congratulations from Mr. Tahmasebi
New year greetings by Mr. Mohammad Reza Kheirkhah Kermani
My best regards and respect to all stakeholders in the country’s cellulose industries
Let’s go china tour is very effective for Iranian factories
The day basically begins in the same way but with added responsibility. We have a team of highly experienced people who contribute their time and knowledge to ensure that the association matters are well looked after.
I am a hardcore optimistic and believe in working with a positive attitude, says Anand Limaye, the general secretary and a core committee member at the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP). He hopes to dispel the clouds and tap the immense potential of the Indian printing industry.
Our further plans will be to replace our used post-press kit with new ones and complete the workflow.
Ayush Jain, executive director of Vijayshri Packaging says, Vijayshri’s strong equipment arsenal for packaging and corrugation will convert 2,000 tonnes of paper per month, making it the biggest packaging firm in Central India.
Clampitt Paper is a family owned and operated company; it was started in 1941 by Max Clampitt and is now run by his youngest son Don Clampitt.
Interview with Mr.Amir Hosseini funder of about paper mill in iran
A lunch reception was held at the headquarters of Kaveh Paper Making Co. on Wednesday Jan. 17, 2018.
Interview with Mr. Nicolas Iragorri Bascaran President of PiDA PIDA - Paper Industry Dealer Association is an international organisation of independent machine brokers and dealers in second-hand equipment for the pulp, paper, paper converting and printing industry.
Speech by Mr.  Amir Hosseini, Manager of, and Ms. Winnie Lee, director of the China CBBC Exhibition Company, at the Gala dinner:
At present, two main crises have happened in Chinese paper making industries due to following reasons:
Interview with Mr Rappold - board member of Mayer-Melnhof Karton
In the Carton and Sheet Specialized Seminar held by Raxcel with the cooperation of Mondy Company, the Managing Director of Carton and Paper Executives Community, Mr. Azami made an interesting lecture on the status of this industry as follows:
The management of the Cooperative Company of Association of Executives in Carton and Corrugated Sheet Industries in an interview with the correspondent of National Printing and Packaging Convention
By Amir Hosseini Manager of
The interview with Mr. Eng. Fadaei, the commercial manager of Pars Paper Making Industries on June 12, 2016
Dr.Roghani Managing of director mazandaran wood and paper explain about the future of paper
Mr. Fadaei  Please let us know how Pars Paper Industrial Groups was in the respect of production, sales, and commerce in 1394 (2015).
Could you please tell us why you have not participated in the Printing and Packaging Exhibition this year? 
Mr.Azami the managing director of managers' Iran society of Carton and sheet carton
Interview with two of turkish's  cellulose industry experts paper chemicals (karan kimia) companies in Turkey
Happy New Year 1395 by the managers of manufacturing companies - Business Unit Paper Karan kimia Turkey Country
Happy New Year 1395 by Mr. shoulder Managing Director of Petro Serve International, Germany
Interview with Mr. Tony Jiafeng company representative in the twenty-second International Exhibition of Printing and Packaging Tehran
We met Mr. zhang wei  in the 22nd printing ,packing & related Machinery Exhibition - tehran 23-26 Dec 2015
Interview with Mr. Norbert Schroder, CEO PROSERV paper mills on the situation in Iran
Interview with Mr. Amir Vahab Vahab Zadeh CEO and Mrs. Malihe Tari Abozar ,Director Department of paper and carton in Alvan Sabet company
Alvan Sabet Co. (ASC) is established in 1996 and started to produce in 1997. Alvan Sabet Co. is situated in Hamedan, the first capital of persian emperor, is by far the largest manufactur of dyestuff and textile auxiliaries, in the Meadle East serving the textile and leather industries in Iran.
Would you please introduce yourself?
This interview was held at the head quarter of Pars Paper Manufacturing Co. on Monday (March 8, 201
1. Mr. Eng. Fadaii, could you please let us have some explanations on the new product of Pars Paper in the field of packaging (corrugated cardboard).
Interview with nantai company 20th Int'l. Exhibition of Pack & Print Machinery (Iran)

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