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The head of Zanjan Organization of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, "During the first 4 months of this year, the amount of industrial investment in Zanjan province has enjoyed a significant growth of 200%."
The CEO of Zanjan Water and Wastewater Company said, "Rasha Caspian Company of Zanjan has enjoyed the treated effluent in Zanjan city wastewater treatment plant."
It is reported that so far some people have participated in the unofficial tender of liner paper, and some of them have called and wanted to announce the price today.
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Referring to the order of the Director of the Pars Paper Industrial Group and mobilizing all the possibilities in this regard, Ebrahimi said, "The management will directly monitor all the ongoing actions and preventive measures of Corona virus personally."
The seminar is to be held in Iran by Parason India, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of pulp and paper machinery in the world.
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Dear members of the Syndicate, the esteemed producers and the valuable economic activists in the field of cellulose industries.
The lecture by Mr. Azami, the CEO of the Association of Carton and Corrugated Sheet
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The Cooperative Company of the Members of the Carton and Sheet Industry Managers Association intends to hold a public tender soon to purchase the following types of paper.
Mahan Sarkan Paper Industries Company prepares itself to enter the duplex cardboard market in 2022.
On Aug. 9, 202, a number of tissue production companies and consumers of white waste paper participated in a meeting with the syndicate.
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