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The head of the Paper and Cardboard Syndicate announced the start of producing writing paper in Mazandaran Wood and Paper Company and said, "The price of wheat and flour also affects the price of paper."
The Managing General of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory announced the export of the factory's first shipment of paper to Iraq.
60 domestic and foreign companies have registered to participate in the 5th International Specialized Exhibition of Paper, Cardboard, Cartons, Cellulose Products and Related Machinery. The registration process will continue until May 4th.
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Similar to 2020, the Pulp and Paper industry underwent some significant changes in 2021—some expected, some unexpected.
Grass corrugated cardboard is the new sustainable trend in the packaging industry.
The different printing methods for custom packaging can help your brand stand out from the competition and create memorable unboxing experiences for your consumers.
Latest Interview
The head of the Paper Manufacturers' Syndicate says, "In 2021, only 20,000 tons of 150,000 tons of printing and writing paper capacity were produced."
To be able to grow with its speciality papers DREWSEN is investing in a highly efficient Questec sheeter from BW Papersystems. In this interview, DREWSEN’s CEO Dr. Matthias Rauhut explains why.
Simon Ellin, Chief Executive of The Recycling Association, spoke on the challenges facing the British recovered paper market in 2021.
Latest Reports
The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) published its January 2022 Printing-Writing Monthly report. According to the report, total printing-writing paper shipments increased three percent in January compared to January 2021.
The Navigator Company recently announced that it will apply an energy, logistics and commodities surcharge to its tissue products, amounting 15% of the sales price, to offset the significant and unexpected raising of its input cost.
The Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill (APPM), one of Russia’s largest pulp and paper producers will begin the production of cardboard from waste paper, the company’s press service has recently said. A new machine will be built in Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast.
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