The Director General of Cellulose, Printing and Stationery Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade said, "We hope to reduce the import of printing and writing paper by increasing the production capacity of printing and writing paper in the country, which was more than 95% until last year, and increase domestic production.
The fifth international exhibition of paper and cardboard was opened at the permanent location of international exhibitions in Tehran.
The head of the Syndicate of Paper Manufacturers, while complaining about the syndicate absence from the first vice president's working group meetings on paper, announced the government's serious determination to solve the paper problem.
Abolfazl Roghani said, "Paper mills now need high financial facilities and resources for renovation and reconstruction and must be provided with cheap bank facilities and resources to return to the production cycle."
The head of the Paper and Cardboard Syndicate announced the start of producing writing paper in Mazandaran Wood and Paper Company and said, "The price of wheat and flour also affects the price of paper."
The Managing General of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory announced the export of the factory's first shipment of paper to Iraq.
60 domestic and foreign companies have registered to participate in the 5th International Specialized Exhibition of Paper, Cardboard, Cartons, Cellulose Products and Related Machinery. The registration process will continue until May 4th.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is likely to impact global trade in the coming months. Increased sanctions against trading with Russia and difficulty with financial transactions will probably interrupt and re-direct shipments of forest products throughout the world, according to Wood Resources International LLC (WRI).
The CEO of Haft Tappeh Pars Paper Industries Group announced the export of pulp produced by this company to 12 foreign countries, including some European countries, and said, "This product, which is produced from sugarcane bagasse, has been welcomed by different countries due to its high quality.
Despite the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine and associated with it negative economic environment in Russia, most of leading local paper producer plan to continue implementation of their previously announced investment projects.
In an interview with Jam-e- Jam newspaper, Abolfazl Roghani Golpayegani, the head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers of Iran, said about the challenges of the industry.
WestRock Company recently announced plans to build a new corrugated box plant in Longview, Washington, to meet the growing demand from WestRock’s regional customers in the Pacific Northwest.
UPM Raflatac has taken big steps to make its production more sustainable.
Stora Enso will invest EUR 40 million in new technology and restructuring of its fluff pulp production site in Skutskär, Sweden.
Menasha Packaging Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, announces it has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of Color-Box, a business unit of Georgia-Pacific, LLC. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition is expected to close in early summer 2022.
They will enable recycling of all components of a used carton package, transforming them into quality materials and goods.
The production line of printing and writing paper of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries Company, which has been closed for about a year due to lack of raw materials for wood, was resumed today, Thursday, in the presence of the Deputy Governor of Mazandaran.
The production line of printing and writing paper of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries Company, which has been closed for about a year due to lack of raw materials for wood, was resumed today, Thursday, in the presence of the Deputy Governor of Mazandaran.
The Qazvin Deputy of Handicrafts and Traditional Arts Industries said, "A handicraft workshop in Qazvin received a standard product certificate for the first time."
The head of Mazandaran Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said, "Paper production in Mazandaran has increased by 21% from the beginning of this year to the end of December."
The problems and issues of Tiles and Paper Factory of Farzad Birjand Complex were examined during the visit to this factory.
In this ceremony, which was held in Mazandaran Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Rahim Falahati, the CEO of Neka Pars Paper Company and 34 top exporters of the province in the field of trade, industry and agriculture, who had the most exports from the province in the last 2 years, along with a group of people who had been active and encouraged exports were honored.
In this meeting, an agreement was signed to export 20,000 tons of industrial paper to Turkey from the beginning of this year.
The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said, "According to the plan, 80% of the country's paper needs will be domestically met in the next one and a half years."
The managing director of Iran Book and Literature House said, "The 6-thousand-billion-Toman financial turnover in the book and publishing industry of the country indicates the greatness and breadth of this field."
The record of paper production in the largest paper factory of the country was broken again.
With the annual production of 4,000 tons of filter paper, $ 10 million of foreign currency will be prevented from leaving the country.
Today, the governor attended the Gilan Baspar Paper Production Company and the Paya Modern Caspian Car Parts Company and was informed about the production capacities and job creation of these units.
"As of today, we do not have paper to print the newspaper. Even you cannot find newsprint paper at the price of 30 thousand Tomans on the informal market. If the paper version of the newspaper will not be available from tomorrow on, it will be the result of a threefold ban of paper imports and nothing else.
The execution operations of calcium carbonate paper making mill started as one of the phases of cement factory in Aqbal village of Shahin Dej.
The symposium on providing the paper needed by the country's press was held in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and a group of press managers and paper importers at the meeting hall of the Deputy Minister of Press and Information.
The governor of Lorestan said, "The equipment of the paper making mill from Aligudarz limestone will be supplied in the next few months with the cooperation of China."
The Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced the allocation of $ 40 million for the import of printing paper and newsprint and said, "Within the next month, the necessary orders will be issued by the First Vice President to solve the problems of paper making mills."
The first phase of Diba Shushtar Pulp and Paper factory will be inaugurated in the near future with the presence of provincial and national officials.
According to the Mazandaran Center of IRIB News Agency, the CEO of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries Company said, "After a 5-year break in exports, Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries Company will export 4,000 tons of paper to Turkey every month from today on."
The Maragheh entrepreneur has directly created jobs for 15 people by recycling waste paper.
The CEO of Haft Tappeh Pars Paper Industries Group announced a 20% decrease in paper production in this company due to power outages in July and August of this year.
Hossein Shahmoradi mentioned removing brokerage activities in the paper market and the establishment of bagasse-based factories in the country as one of the ways to improve the situation of paper in the country.
This factory has been designed, manufactured and installed by Shimi Pazhouhesh Engineering and Machinery Company.
The carton manufacturing Company's effluent treatment system returns 90% of the treated water to the production line and the remaining 10% for agricultural irrigation.
The manager of the construction project of the state-owned paper mill in Aligudarz said, "The city can become a hub for paper production from limestone in the coming years."
Although many countries around the world are still facing the widespread outbreak of the Corona virus, it seems that as vaccination accelerates, some economic industries are preparing themselves to get over the Corona crisis."
The President of Tehran Paper and Cardboard Traders Union: Currently, the paper market in Iran is stable against the dollar and the world market, and paper warehouses are also supplied.
The price of writing paper, which had risen last week along with the increase in the exchange rate, has decreased by 40,000 Tomans due to the lack of demand in the market.
The Director of Safir Ardahal Publications believes that strengthening the infrastructure of domestic production is the first way out of the paper crisis, and after that there should be government subsidies until the ideal situation is reached.
The director of Dar al-Kitab al-Islamiyah said, "We have raw materials for paper production in our country, but we are still importers, while we were supposed to become self-sufficient 30 years ago and export paper."
The waste management of the Civil, Water and Services Company announced the transportation of more than 7 and a half million kilograms of mixed waste to the recycling site of Kish Island in the first quarter of this year.
The printing and publishing expert said, "Writing paper is not a priority for the production of domestic factories, and these factories have gone to the production of "packaging paper" for the food industry for various reasons."

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