The Maragheh entrepreneur has directly created jobs for 15 people by recycling waste paper.
The CEO of Haft Tappeh Pars Paper Industries Group announced a 20% decrease in paper production in this company due to power outages in July and August of this year.
Hossein Shahmoradi mentioned removing brokerage activities in the paper market and the establishment of bagasse-based factories in the country as one of the ways to improve the situation of paper in the country.
This factory has been designed, manufactured and installed by Shimi Pazhouhesh Engineering and Machinery Company.
The carton manufacturing Company's effluent treatment system returns 90% of the treated water to the production line and the remaining 10% for agricultural irrigation.
The manager of the construction project of the state-owned paper mill in Aligudarz said, "The city can become a hub for paper production from limestone in the coming years."
Although many countries around the world are still facing the widespread outbreak of the Corona virus, it seems that as vaccination accelerates, some economic industries are preparing themselves to get over the Corona crisis."
The President of Tehran Paper and Cardboard Traders Union: Currently, the paper market in Iran is stable against the dollar and the world market, and paper warehouses are also supplied.
The price of writing paper, which had risen last week along with the increase in the exchange rate, has decreased by 40,000 Tomans due to the lack of demand in the market.
The Director of Safir Ardahal Publications believes that strengthening the infrastructure of domestic production is the first way out of the paper crisis, and after that there should be government subsidies until the ideal situation is reached.
The director of Dar al-Kitab al-Islamiyah said, "We have raw materials for paper production in our country, but we are still importers, while we were supposed to become self-sufficient 30 years ago and export paper."
The waste management of the Civil, Water and Services Company announced the transportation of more than 7 and a half million kilograms of mixed waste to the recycling site of Kish Island in the first quarter of this year.
The printing and publishing expert said, "Writing paper is not a priority for the production of domestic factories, and these factories have gone to the production of "packaging paper" for the food industry for various reasons."
Managers of Shasta, Topico and Cellulose Holding, and Kaveh Paper Making Industrial Company visited Biston Tamin project
The CEO of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Company said. "This company is in dire need of raw materials."
According to Iranian customs officials, the Milk border in Afghanistan is still closed, and it is not possible to exchange goods these days, but trade is underway at other borders.
More than 350,000 tons of goods were exported from Gilan in the first 4 months of this year.
The construction of a paper and cardboard production unit began in the city of Khorrambid.
The mayor of Baqershahr, one of the satellite town of Rey city, stating that the implementation of the waste separation plan at the source is one of the main priorities of the city management, said: "Currently, an average of seven thousand and 500 kilograms of dry waste is collected daily in this town."
The head of Zanjan Organization of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, "During the first 4 months of this year, the amount of industrial investment in Zanjan province has enjoyed a significant growth of 200%."
The CEO of Zanjan Water and Wastewater Company said, "Rasha Caspian Company of Zanjan has enjoyed the treated effluent in Zanjan city wastewater treatment plant."
It is reported that so far some people have participated in the unofficial tender of liner paper, and some of them have called and wanted to announce the price today.
The use of plastic bags was banned in the fruit and vegetable markets of Karaj.
Simultaneously with the week without plastic, the programs of the social deputy of Tehran municipality will be held from July 10 to 12, focusing on the distribution of cloth bags and educating citizens in 22 districts.
A board member of the Association of Sanitary Cellulose Industries reported a 15 percent increase in the prices of tissues and other cellulose products compared to the end of last year but said new prices had not yet been imposed due to the market downturn.
Following the statements of the chairman of the board of directors of the National Association of Passenger Drivers' Associations about the use of cartons and cardboard in the production of brake pads, the Association of Brake and Clutch Pad Manufacturing Industries denied this issue in a response.
The Deputy Supervisor and Monitoring of Yazd Province Environmental Protection Department: The amount of waste produced in the province is estimated at 840,000 tons last year.
On Wednesday, June 16, 2021, the assembly of the Association and the Cooperative was held with the enthusiastic presence of the members.
Referring to the country's need for 380,000 tons of writing paper, the head of the Paper and Cardboard Syndicate said, "180,000 tons of writing paper production capacity has been created in the country, but this production is low, because due to existing laws, producers cannot compete with importers."
The CEO of Rasha Caspian Company in Zanjan said, "The supplementary steps of Rasha Caspian Iranian Company in order to align with the green industry will be taken by installing and operating an" online monitoring system "at the exit of the complex wastewater treatment plant."
"Our only demand from the next government is to create a level playing field between the production and import of writing paper," said the secretary of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers.
The executive director of Imidro Mines Renovation, Activation and Development Project said, "The factory of producing paper from limestone of Aligudarz city will be set up this year with a capacity of 10,000 tons and the employment of 35 people."
The head of the Court for Combating Economic Crimes announced the arrest of those due to misusing the USD exchange rate of 4200 Tomans.
In order to meet their foreign exchange obligations, Khuzestan exporters to Iraq and Afghanistan must register their Rial sales information in the comprehensive trading system by the 21st of June
The targeting to produce one million and 50 thousand tons of paper in 1400
The comparison of the exports of Iran and Turkey shows that Iran's share of the market of 14 neighboring countries has fallen sharply.
Referring to the mooring of the ship carrying the first cargo of this new goods, including 722 rolls of paper in the Caspian port, the Deputy Minister of Ports and Caspian Affairs of Anzali Free Zone Organization said, "Attracting various goods and identifying new markets in Caspian ports is the most important programs of Anzali Free Zone in the current year."
Ghaemshahr Paper Industrial Company managed to set a record in production and sales last year.
The fire in the wastepaper warehouse depot
The head of the Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce says that despite the potential for extensive trade between Iran and Turkey, this space has not been used in practice, which has reduced Iran's exports to Turkey.
The customs spokesman said, "In 2020, our country's exports to Turkey experienced a decrease of 63% in terms of weight and a decrease of 50% in terms of value compared to 2019."
The representative of the people of Sari in the parliament said: the efforts to support the cellulose industries (wood, paper, etc.) were fruitful and it was built to import these products to the country with high tariffs and export them from the country with low tariffs.
The Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Organization: "The waste management, while simple, has many complexities and requires a variety of culture making."
The official statistics show the approval of 1 billion and 821 million USD of foreign investment in the sectors of industry, mining and trade from the beginning of this year to the mid February and the 113.2 % growth compared to the same period last year.
The researchers at Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources have succeeded in producing bio-alcohol or bioethanol from worn-out banknotes.
The director general of Tehran government penitentiaries announced a fine of 28 billion Rials for the company for selling expensive printing and writing paper.
The groundbreaking ceremony of an industrial unit in the field of producing health products occurred in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade in Khoramdasht Industrial Park
The head of the Industries Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce said, "The government's decision to increase electricity tariffs will lead to a multiplication of energy costs during production, and ultimately with an increase in the final price, the end user will suffer."

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