According to Roghani Golpayegani, a sudden jump in the exchange rate has led to a slowdown in the production and the development in enterprises, and at the same time, the outbreak of the Corona virus has put additional pressure on industrial units.
Criticizing the government’s unprofessional decisions in the field of packaging paper exports, the head of the Syndicate of Paper Manufacturers said, “Now it is the time to produce writing and newsprint paper which have a very good profit margin.”
The challenges of the carton industry were investigated with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Industry and the required solutions to accelerate the supply of raw materials needed by industries were decided
Mr.Hossein Zade announced that a support package will be offered to the exhibition industry and those involved by the government.
With the departure of Kaveh Paper Making Company from losses after 4 years
The CEO of International Exhibition talked about the presence of Iranian Companies in China International import Expo 2020.
By completing and launching the Zagros paper Factory, 350 people will be directly employed.
” There is no restriction on the import of raw materials for industrialists if they cannot be produced domestically.”
The head of the Iranian Export Confederation said, "The government has taken measures to prevent exporters' losses that are currently remained on paper."
Tissue World Miami has been postponed, with new dates TBA. Photo: Informa Markets
In the current situation, the government should regulate the market and the liquidity of jobs.
It has been a few days since I wondered how weak and unable is the human being, this conceited creature. If there were not the God's favor, a virus, merely a virus among millions of virus and among billions of risky factors dominating the world, can make such a fuss.
The price of writing paper on the free market has increased again, a price that in the days of a sluggish market due to the corona outbreak does not make sense.
According to Public Relations of Latif Paper Products Company, on Thursday, Feb. 20th, the CEO of Social Security Investment Co (Shasta), Rezvanifar visited the factory in Hashtgerd Industrial City.
Paper Manufacturing Industries in Saveh considered not providing quality raw materials as the most important barrier for the production increase.
Dr. Habib Aminzadeh, the head of East Azerbaijan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, accompanied by the managers of the Organization, visited the Chimi Pajouhesh Sanat Company on Feb. 10, 2020.
Dr. Habib Aminzadeh, the head of East Azerbaijan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, accompanied by the managers of the Organization, visited the Chimi Pajouhesh Sanat Company on Feb. 10, 2020.
Announcing the start of the Nowruz Special Supervision Plan and doubling the number of inspectors from Feb 25th, the head of Supporting Consumers and Producers Organization emphasized, "The stock of strategic goods are so much that we can announce we have no shortage."
Stating that the costs of cartons for the daily transportation of eggs amount 688 million Tomans, the secretary of the Associations of Iran's Identifiably Registered Eggs said, "In order to reduce the costs of poultry industry, the use of cartons was removed and the eggs placed in egg trays are transported in specialized vehicle."
After 25 year's struggling against financial hardship and shortage of raw materials, Iran's largest paper making group survived bankruptcy because of the approval made by the Headquarters of Facilitating the Country's Production and Removing the Barriers and the increase of investment.
Vaezi: The message of the inauguration of the civil plants; we are united and will not submit to pressures.
Vaezi: The message of the inauguration of the civil plants; we are united and will not submit to pressures.
The president's office chief assistance said, "The financial demands of the Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries are almost ready to be paid."
The managing director of Qazvin provincial industrial parks announced, "At the same time as the Fajr Decade, over 13 construction projects having the credit of 6700 billion Rials are ready to be operational with the completion of infrastructural and industrial plants in industrial parks and areas."
Pointing to an increase of 4800 billion Rial capital, the Managing Director of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industrial Company announced the possibility of doubling the production capacity.
The Managing Director of Mazandaran Wood & Paper said, "We have been able to create good events for this industrial plant with proper planning in supplying raw materials so that the complex has been out of losses and made profit by the growth of the complex over the past five years."
The Managing Director of the Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries announced an increase of 4800 billion Rials in the capital of this large paper making group.
The Gonbad Kavus Office of Industry, Mine and Trade in the East Golestan province announced, "Eight manufacturing- industrial projects will be launched with the private investment of 345 billion Rial in the city during the ten-day Fajr ceremonies."
Guilan province is the first center of the cellulose industry in the country. Therefore, ensuring the provision of raw materials for factories and the widespread industrial tree farming guarantees the boom in the provincial cellulose industries.
According to the Managing Director of the Cooperative of Lithographers, Hossein Entezami, the Head of Paper Working Group at Ministry of Guidance, has considered the allocation of one-eightieth of foreign currency at governmental exchange rate for paper to the imports of lithographic metal plates permitted.
The head of the Tehran Union of Binders emphasized, "The decrease in the price of cardboard, especially the glossy cardboard, in recent years has contributed to binders, removed the barriers to work and facilitated the background for the activities of those who are involved in the field."
In a litter to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the CEO of Cooperative of Lithographers has demanded one eightieth of the allocated foreign currencies of paper to be assigned for the purchase of lithographic metal plate. How legal is this demand?
The price of each ream of paper has reached at 277 thousand Toman which is less that the purchase price for merchants according to the market experts' belief.
Shadegan people's representative to the Iran Islamic Consultative Assembly announced the agreement signed by the Headquarters of Execution of Imam's Command, the National Development Fund, Meli Bank, Industry and Mine Bank, Parsian Bank and Sepah Bank in the city.
Assadabad governor announced the ceremony of ground-breaking and the start of executive operations of two industrial projects, a paper making mill and coffee factory in the area with the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade next week.
In early September UPM announced plans to permanently close paper machine 2 in Rauma, Finland. The employee consultation processes have now been completed.
Considering paper production from calcium carbonate a valuable plant for the province, the governor said, "We support the construction of this environmentally friendly industry in Hamedan province."
The deputy governor of Mazandaran announced the inauguration of four entrepreneurship-based economic plans in the Province with the partnership of Imam Khomeini's Command Execution Headquarters.
The National Standard Organization announced, "The paper cargos have been stored in the customs due to the failure to specify the type of their application, correct tariff code, and customs duties, and it is not related to the paper quality and its compliance with standards."
Ilim Group completes its KLB Line Rebuild Project in Siberia with CAPEX exceeding USD 120 million
The head of the Imam Khomeini's Command Execution Headquarters said, "50 thousand problematic and incomplete industrial units will be launched in the country."
The head of the Association of Paper and Cardboard Importers announced the removal of glossy paper and said, "As per the agreement, the imports of glossy paper will not require the customs to inquire Standard Organization about identifying the paper application."
Gilan Province printing and online media news tour accompanied by the officials of the Industry, Mine and trade Organization visited and got closely familiar with the factories of Delta Sefidrood Cellulose, A'ein Carton and Rezvan Carton.
The Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade visited the Pouya Ayesh Cellulose Group in Raja Industrial Park of Babol during his visit to Mazandaran province.
According to the director of the Waste Management Organization, the re-use of cardboard and used paper not only prevents environmental pollution in order to manufacturing products from raw materials but also prevents trees from being cut down to produce one ton of paper.
The Minister of the Industry, Mine and Trade who had travelled to Shanghai to negotiate with Chinese officials and participate in the Importing Exhibition of China, said, "China imports 2 trillion USD of goods annually, and taking advantage of this capacity requires new approach and view by government and private sector."
The 26th Printing and Packaging Exhibition was held with the cooperation of the printing union, the lithographic union and the Association of Carton manufacturers in the permanent location of Iran International Exhibition.
The Chinese Wellson Co. CEO announced the readiness of their company to transfer paper production technology from lime to Semnan province and said, "Iran, and especially Semnan Province, has high capacity for paper production from limestone."

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