The head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines, pointing out the entrepreneurs are still facing financial problems and the problems resulted from recession continues, said, " The unreal exchange rate is one of the reasons for trafficking
The Deputy municipal urban services said, "The suitable separation of the waste reduces 35% volume of daily generation of waste in Tehran which is 7 thousand 500 ton based on the statistics."
The managing director of the Middle East largest paper making mill called Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries was appointed with the approval of the board of directors.
The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, "Czech Republic is interested to cooperate with Iran in the field of special underground mining machinery, but the important issue is to finance projects which should be accepted.
The director general of the Export Guarantee Fund pointed out, "There is no way except using the foreign capitals to implement economical targets." He said, "The improvement of Iran's position in the coming years is not out of reach."
The Republic of Finland's ambassador in Iran point to the existing investment opportunities in different sectors of Iran, said, "The economical relations between Finland and Iran will increase."
The Printing & Publication Managing Director of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance announced the "proper investment" of Austria and Pakistan in printing field of Tehran, Hamedan, Khorasan Razavi provinces.
Shahroud Cooperative Development and Construction managing director, stating that cooperatives have a significant role in the construction and development of small towns, said, “3500 Shahroudi are the members of this Co-operative Co.”
According to the Nation News Agency quoting Iranian ambassador in Pakistan, the free trade agreement between Iran and Pakistan will be finalized within the next three months.
The director general of the Press Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced the import of over 130 thousand tons of paper to the country and said, “This quantity of paper was imported in order to regulate the market.”
The managing director of Industrial Towns Company of Ardebil province announced the launch of the first cardboard manufacturing plant from waste and scrap paper in the industrial zone of capital city of the province.
The head of the parliament cultural commission said, “Paper making industry was revived by adopting the resistance economic policy.
The researchers of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute managed to produce nano-structured paper with anti-counterfeiting property in the experimental phase which can be used in production of banknotes with high security.
Lorestan province governor said, "A Chinese company announced its readiness to produce paper from stone powder in Lorestan province."
The contract of supplying 4 thousand tons of paper has been signed with the ministry of education
The managing director of Mazandaran Wood and Paper factory announced the contract of supplying 4 thousand tons of paper with the ministry of education for new academic year.
The researcher at Behbahan Khatam-ol- Anbia University said, “Based on the results of a research, an imported expensive material used in paper industries can be replaced with a nanomaterial domestically produced, and the relevant costs will be reduced.
The first factory manufacturing paper from stone was inaugurated by the minister of cooperative, labour, and social welfare in Iran a while ago.
Eliminating middlemen and supplying the required raw materials for members
The Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Corrugated Sheet Executives in Tehran province has obtained a creditable position for cooperative by guaranteeing benefit for and creating trust among its members which has cause the cooperative to achieve the title of the premier cooperative in 2016 .
The managing director of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Mill announced the production of homework notebooks to support domestic production and said, "These homework notebooks will soon be distributed by department stores in the country.
The Head of the Paper and Cardboard Vendors’ Union criticized the removal of the exchange currency for cardboard import and said, “It is not in favor of the paper industry and is different from what authorities promised to support this industry.”
The website of the cooperative ( has had specific variety and will soon have more diverse, too.
The sales prices of Pishgaman and those of the Cooperative Co. are the same.
The activities of Pars Paper Industries are different from the other companies in its field. Since they are the only manufacturer of printing and writing paper in the country, foreign companies are its main competitors.
The expert of Qazvin Municipal Waste Programming and Development Organization announced the 28% growth of collecting dry recyclable materials at the source separation plan in Qazvin.
Today, the union gathering of Iran Wood and Paper workers (Chooka), which has been held for recent days to protest salary arrears, uncertain status of work contracts, and the activities of the factory has entered on its sixth day.
According to Ali Farahmandi, the confrontation between manufacturers and importers will ultimately lead to detriment of both groups and the country’s economy.
Glougah governor said, "The problems of environment and natural resources on the four-lane road to Damghan have been solved, and the executive operations started by supplying permission.
The member of delegation of Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines said, "The trades between Iran and Indonesia will soon amount to 2 billion USD."
The Director of Maritime Ports and Special Economic Zone announced, "The first shipment of pulp weighing 500 tons arrived in Amirabad Port from Astrakhan, Russia."
The governor of Khuzestan regarded respiratory and environmental problems resulted from burning bagasse as an important problem for the people living in the regions around Cane Developing Industries especially those who are living in Ahwaz.
Since the British government announced that the price for plastic bags used in daily purchases had been determined 5 pence (around 50 tomans) a bag, the number of these plastic bags has fallen 85%.
The president of paper and cardboard syndicate, referring to the difference between the Ministry of Industry and the Central Bank on 16 thousand billion toman facilities, said, "Industrial sector lacks a suitable strategy."
The Director of Export Commodity Office of Trade Promotion Organization, reporting the 4% export growth in the first quarter of this year, said, "During this period, the exports of goods excluding gas condensates reached 8.8 billion USD.
Deputy Minister of Economy reported the establishment of customs link among 21 organizations after enabling customs comprehensive portal.
According to Mehr News, visiting several industrial plants in Kermanshah on Sunday, Hossein Abouei Mehrrizi, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade, inaugurated several plants, too.
The researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University managed to design and build light weight wood–based panels as a solution to preserve the forest resources
We have shortage in writing paper, newsprint paper, and white paper. However, we are producing packaging paper three times as much as the domestic requirements which indicates that we have no specific and regular plan in this industry.
The US imports from Iran has amounted to 27.6 million USD for the first five months of the current Christian year coinciding the entry into force of JCPOA.
The large commercial and industrial recycling factory burned in flames in Newark, California.
Vice-President of Iran Chamber of Money and Capital Market Commission said, “No producer has more than 10% profit, and the 15% bank interest is still high for the production.
The head of Industry, Mine, and Trade Organization of Mazandaran province announced the creation of one thousand new jobs in the Special Economic Zone of Amirabad Port in Behshahr by constructing three factories in the cellulose, compresses timber, and furniture fields.
Typically 3 ply or 5 ply of packaging paper, a part of which is imported from other countries especially for exported cartons, are used to produce cartons. At present, Finland and Sweden have announced their readiness to supply the paper required for carton making.
The Head of East Azerbaijan Public Relation Emergency Services said, "Following a fire in the carton making workshop in the village of Sheikh Hassan, a 40-year-old woman died."
The Gardening Vice President of Agricultural Minister said, " Iran's Agricultural Packaging Meets the European Standards"
Vice-President of Iran Chamber of Money and Capital Market Commission said, “No producer has more than 10% profit, and the 15% bank interest is still high for the production. Bank interest should be at such a level that depositing money will not be attractive, and they will spend their money on purchasing goods.”

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