The visit to Arak Machine Manufacturing Factory – Boiler

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The report on the visit made by the managers and experts of the corrugated sheet and carton industry to the Arak Boiler Manufacturing Group

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The managers and the experts of cellulose industry had a visit to the Arak Boiler Unit on Dec. 24, 2019. 
Nowadays, steam and hot water boilers as the generators of steam, heat and power, play an important role in all industries, including oil, gas, petrochemical, food, textile, rubber, and … industries. 
Arak Machine Manufacturing, as the first and largest manufacturer of these kinds of equipment in Iran and Middle East, started its activities by transferring the technology from Thomso Cochran CO of England in 1971 in line with the development of domestic industries and has continued its continuous activity by increasing in-house production contribution of the equipment and the complete localization of its technology so that it has become a global well-known company and the owner of the know-how of its equipment.
In the past half a century, Arak Machine Manufacturing has played an important role in the field of producing steam and hot water boilers as well as in the field of the domestic production of other accessories, such as pumps, burners, valves, control system etc., so that the domestic manufacturers are producing and supplying  these items to different industries. 
Arak Machine Manufacturing Co. started the production of the following steam and hot water boilers under two titles of series A and B:
Mini Pack - series of low capacity boilers
Wee Chiffen – series of medium capacity boilers
Multi Pack – series of high capacity boilers
Cal Pack – series of hot water boilers

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