Reopening of Shushtar Paper Company after a 23- year hiatus

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Diba Shushtar paper factory (Karun paper factory), the construction of which started in 1997, will be set up by a private investor after a 23-year hiatus.

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According to Alam Jounoub online news , following the negotiations of  Sohrab Gilani, the  representative of the people of Shushtar and Gotvand in the Islamic Parliament, with the investor of the company, Dr. Moghadam during the past days, he met with this investor again on Monday, September 24, at this factory and while listening to his concerns and visiting the company, he announced his full support.
In his 3-hour visit, the representative of the people, Sohrab Gilani said that one of the ways to save the country from the current economic weakness is to fully support the private sector. 
The representative of the people of Shushtar and Gotvand added, "Supporting the private sector is to remove obstacles and margins from the way of investors so that the leap in production and the prosperity of employment can be realized."
It should be said that the factory will be reconstructed and commissioned within 3 to 6 months, and a team of Indian specialists will be invited to repair and overhaul the factory. Moreover, the company's capacity will directly create about 500 local jobs.

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