The daily production of 100 tons of cartons with the employment of 330 people

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Journalists and media outlets, invited by Kermanshah Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, visited Kermanshah Developing Printing and Packaging Industries (Gharb Carton) located in Farman Industrial Park on Feb 3, 2020.

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According to Fartak News, after introducing different sections of the factory, Dr. Mohammad Saleh Sohrabi said, "Gharb Carton Co. daily produced an average of 100 tons of cartons on a surface area of 60 thousand M2 and provides employment for 330 people." 
Dr. Sohrabi said, "Most products of the factory are exported to Iraq, and the raw materials are supplied from various companies on northern cities, Kerman, Yazd and Isfahan, and the starch which is one of the factory's raw materials are supplied from a few companies in several cities."
Classifying the raw materials in here categories of A, B and C, Sohrabi said, "The raw materials of class A include adhesives, machinery consumables and … which have higher prices and lower tonnage for which the order point is prepared. For the raw materials of class B which have moderate tonnage and price, the order point is set with less sensitivity. The raw materials of class C, which are our main raw materials such as paper and starch… and which have both higher tonnage and lower tonnage than other raw materials, are supplied in several-ton shipments.
He restated, "The raw materials for the factory are partially supplied as much as we can. The paper is purchased from those who offer the reason price, but the starch is purchased when its availability reaches at certain level." 
With respect to the existing sanctions, Dr Sohrabi said, "The sanctions have sometimes negative or positive impacts. Regarding the variable exchange rate, when the USD exchange rate goes up, the paper price increases, but when the exchange rate comes down, the paper price does not change which is economically called price stickiness, so we face problems with purchasing paper at higher prices." 
This official said, "Moreover, we have trouble purchasing spare parts, and the devises are imported via a third party at higher price or they are not delivered, although we have made payment because the manufacturer is an American company who cannot deal with us. The domestic parts have lower quality and relatively higher price."
Stating that the main products of Gharb Carton Co. are cartons for food, car spare parts, electrical audi and visual equipment and …, Sohrabi said, "We do not regularly produce the products in wide range and produce each type of products in accordance with the order."
Dr. Sohrabi noted, "We currently have an average monthly production of 3,000 tons and are ranked second in terms of tonnage, but we will be the top domestic company if our production reaches 5,000 tons per month." 
Afterwards, the company's chief health and safety officer, Soheyla Teymouri said, "Gharb Carton Co has held meetings and courses for the welfare of the workers and their families and has held an educational conference on the prevention of addiction and how to have a healthy life with the cooperation of the Office of Labor and Social Welfare, the Council of Fighting Against Narcotics and the City Health Center. After one- year attempts, we were introduced as the health-oriented employer, and the Gharb Carton Co. is going to be honored in line with its efforts."  

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