Starkrafts PM6 successfully commences operation

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Starkraft, a business unit of Heinzel Pöls, part of the Heinzel Group, proudly announces the successful launch of its PM6 at the Steyrermühl paper mill in Austria, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards enhanced productivity and global expansion.

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With this strategic investment, Starkraft elevates its production capacity to a total of 350,000 tons of kraft paper per year.
From versatile white to natural packaging and specialty papers, Starkraft offers a comprehensive selection tailored to meet customer needs and industry demands.
 This substantial increase empowers the company to foster growth opportunities with both its longstanding clients and new partners on a global scale.
As Starkraft continues to innovate and excel in the paper manufacturing sector, it reaffirms its dedication to delivering exceptional quality and service to customers across the globe.
Through its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, Starkraft continues to set industry standards and drive excellence in flexible packaging solutions worldwide.
Starkraft produces paper on three paper machines at the Pöls and Steyrermühl sites in Austria. With a diverse product range including both white and natural variations, it caters to the versatile needs of its customers. Starkraft, a business unit of Heinzel Pöls, is part of the HEINZEL GROUP, a family-owned pulp and paper group based in Austria.

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