First glimmers of hope on Poland’s paper and board markets

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Prices rise or stabilise in many segments during Q1

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Mood on Poland's markets more optimistic
Sentiment in the Polish economy is slowly improving, as subsidies and higher consumer spending by private households are expected to provide growth impetus.
In February, the European Commission approved the release of €137bn in funding for Poland, which had previously been frozen due to concerns about rule of law in the country. In addition, Polish consumers are gaining purchasing power after the minimum wage was lifted considerably to around €1,000
monthly and child benefits also increased at the start of the year. Moreover, the massive inflation of the past two years has now fallen below 3 per cent. The country’s economy is forecast to grow by 2.7 per cent this year, considerably outpacing most other European countries. These positive developments could also benefit paper and board suppliers as well as their customers, and at least partially offset the weak performance in 2023.

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