ABB to expand its EUREC center serving the pulp and paper industry

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ABB’s European Regional Execution Center (EUREC), which provides project management and strategy support to the technology leader’s pulp and paper teams across the continent, has reached its 10th anniversary of operations and benefited from an expansion to meet growing customer demand.

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With regional project governance and lead execution resources in the Czech Republic, EUREC teams have successfully deployed a coordinated resource planning and execution model across Europe for Quality Control System (QCS) and Distributed Control System (DCS) solutions since 2013, leveraging expertise from local ABB units as well as from the recently expanded R&D center in Dundalk, Ireland.
This year, ABB has undertaken a major expansion of the center that will offer a broader geographical scope to increase operational efficiency. The portfolio scope expansion will ensure that ABB’s expertise is scaled for the future, building on the relationship between local operations and EUREC, and drawing on additional service at ABB’s product development center and in close connection with ABB factories.
To further deliver enhanced coordinated resource planning across Europe, dedicated positions have been created including the recent appointment of Pamela Murphy, Europe Operations Manager for Pulp and Paper.
“The expansion will benefit our pulp and paper customers in Europe by ensuring continued high-quality project outcomes no matter which country in Europe the paper mill is located, through the application of common leadership processes and tools. Local service teams will be better supported by a centrally managed group of experts,” said Stefano Cinquina, Global Business Line Manager, Pulp and Paper, ABB. “Our priority is to continuously build and sustain our application know-how to better serve the industry, and this expansion will be a big factor in that success and the build-up of knowledge.”
Serving customers in over 40 countries for more than 100 years, ABB Pulp and Paper brings together deep industry knowledge, world-class solutions and local expertise delivering end-to-end solutions for pulp and paper mills.

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