Metsä Group and Valmet to develop a joint sustainability model for industrial investment projects

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Metsä Group and Valmet are jointly developing a comprehensive operating model to ensure sustainability in technology and maintenance investments.

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 The model will address various aspects of sustainability related to the environment, social responsibility and governance (ESG). It will be used to verify the sustainability of the process technology projects delivered by Valmet to Metsä Group and the related supply chains. Metsä Group and Valmet have set up a joint working group to develop and deploy the sustainability model. The goal is to adopt the model by 2027.
“As part of its strategic 2030 sustainability targets, Metsä Group is committed to ensuring that its supply network operates sustainably. Valmet is a large technology and service provider in the forest industry’s value chain, and its operations and procurement cover an extensive geographical area. By jointly scrutinising the chain’s sustainability in ever greater detail, we ensure that the forest industry’s positive impacts spread beyond the wood-processing value chain,” says Jari Voutilainen, Metsä Group’s SVP, Sourcing and Logistics.
“Valmet has consistently been developing its sustainability based on its comprehensive sustainability agenda. The company has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as one of the 300 global sustainability leaders for nine consecutive years. Our cooperation with Metsä Group in developing a sustainability model for investments contributes to both companies’ strong sustainability work and establishes tangible indicators for sustainability at different stages of investment,” says Anu Salonsaari-Posti, Valmet’s SVP, Marketing, Communications, Sustainability and Corporate Relations.

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