De Iuliis successfully started dryer section revamping for Favini Group

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Favini Group successfully started up its PM of Rossano Veneto after the complete rebuilt of its pre-dryer section by De Iuliis.

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DJM has completed the full upgrade of the pre-drying section of this paper machine by the substitution of  12 cast iron dryers with new DJM steel Dryers designed for an operating steam pressure of 10 barg.
The custom-sized DJM steel dryers, complete with new bearings housing, with an easy replacement of the old cylinders maintaining the same overall dimensions of the existing one, but allowing an enlargement of the drying width. The new dryers will help the mill to reduce Co2 emissions and energy consumption.
The project also included the optimization of felts loops with the supply of last-generation DJM automatic stretchers and regulators, as the upgrade of the mechanical drive of dryer section.
Favini is worldwide leader in the design and production of textures and finishing solutions for eco-leather for fashion, luxury, design, IT and technical sportswear sectors.

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