Lecta: efficient, responsible water management as a priority

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Water is essential in the pulp and paper industry, so Lecta prioritizes the efficient use of this valuable natural resource.

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 Lecta’s mills have a high water recycling rate, and the amount discharged is almost equal to the intake.
Even though outlet water is within regulated legal limits, Lecta continues to work on improving water quality to reduce its environmental footprint even further and constantly monitor waste disposal. In addition, in the mills, there are also closed water systems, in which water is reused repeatedly.
Lecta is ambitious in continuing to anticipate and carefully manage water usage and consumption through increasingly efficient processes and water management strategies.
The new wastewater treatment plant at the Zaragoza, Spain, mill is a recent example of a project aimed at efficiency to minimize environmental footprint and to better integrate with the surrounding region.
Learn more about Lecta’s water management in Lecta’s 2022 Sustainability Report.
For full details on Lecta’s commitment to sustainability please visit www.lecta.com.
Lecta is a European manufacturer and distributor of specialty paper for labels and flexible packaging, coated and uncoated paper for publishing and commercial printing, and other high value-added innovative products such as its range of environment-friendly, recyclable functional papers.

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