Valmet has received a major order of multiple technologies from Liansheng Pulp & Paper in China

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Valmet has received a major order from Liansheng Pulp & Paper (Zhangzhou) in Fujian Province in China covering multiple technology deliveries for the customer’s Zhangpu site.

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 Valmet will supply a coated board making line (BM 2) with related automation systems, bleached chemi-thermo mechanical pulp (BCTMP) technology and two small size tissue machines (TM 5 and TM 6). In addition, Valmet will supply four tissue machine headboxes for tissue machines TM 7, TM 8, TM 9 and TM 10 at the same site.
The order of the coated board making line, BCTMP technology, two tissue machines and four tissue machine headboxes were included in Valmet’s orders received of the third quarter 2023. The value of the order will not be disclosed.
The start-up of the coated board machine and BCTMP technology are scheduled for the third quarter of 2025, the tissue machines for the fourth quarter of 2024, and tissue machine headboxes for the third quarter of 2024.
During the past 15 years Liansheng Pulp & Paper has been deepening its cooperation with Valmet through several equipment deliveries to its sites in Longhai and Zhangpu. To Longhai Valmet has earlier delivered three corrugated paper machines (PM 5, PM 6 and PM 10).  As part of customer’s Phase I development project in its new site in Zhangpu, Valmet has delivered a folding boxboard making line (BM 1), a high-grade printing paper production line (PM 3), one BCTMP production line and two tissue machines (TM 3 and TM 4).
“Liansheng Pulp & Paper is deeply involved in environmental protection and recycling, taking the development of circular economy as our concept. Liansheng Zhangpu base is our first time to use virgin pulp for pulping and papermaking. In the first phase of the project Valmet’s unique offering and service laid a solid foundation for us, establishing our competitive position in the market. This is also the key factor why we chose to cooperate with Valmet again,” says Chen Jiayu, Chairman of Liansheng Pulp & Paper.
“Over the years, Liansheng has been an important customer for Valmet, and we have been the trusted partner in their significant development projects. The projects in the new Zhangpu site’s first development phase were started up successfully under the great teamwork of Valmet and Liansheng, creating a new world record to start up complex projects in such short time. The advantages of Valmet’s technologies, our entire unique offering combining process technologies, services and automation, and our local commissioning and startup capabilities are the main factors for Liansheng to choose Valmet as a supplier for this Phase II project in Zhangpu base,” says Zhu Xiangdong, Area President, China, Valmet.
Technical information about Valmet’s delivery for BM 2
Valmet’s delivery for BM 2 will include an OptiConcept M coated board making line from headbox to a reel, winders and broke collection. The three-layer base board will be calendered by OptiCalender Hard calenders after which four coating layers will be applied by OptiCoat Jet coating stations and their supply systems followed by a number of OptiDry Coat air drying units, OptiDry Chill web cooling, and OptiDry Profile and OptiDry Turn air dryers, as well as TurnFloat for contactless web turning. These will be followed by an OptiCalender Soft to achieve very high-quality surface properties, OptiReel Linear for trouble-free reeling, transfer rails, OptiCart Stream parent roll cart, and two OptiWin Drum two-drum winders for safe and high-capacity parent roll handling and winding. Board machine process ventilation will be managed with OptiAir Hood high-humidity hood and OptiAir Recovery heat recovery system.
The delivery will include a wide range of automation solutions based on Valmet DNA Distributed Control System (DCS) with built-in Machine Controls (MCS), Machine Condition and Runnability Monitoring, and Valmet IQ Quality Control System (QCS). In addition, Valmet provides Web Monitoring (WMS) and Web Inspection Systems (WIS) and profilers. The delivery will also include comprehensive Valmet paper machine clothing and spare part packages, valves for supply systems and connectivity from Valmet Industrial Internet solutions.
The 8,850-mm-wide (forming fabric) board machine BM 2 will produce folding boxboard grades with a basis weight range of 210–400 g/m2 and with design speed of 1,400 m/min. The daily capacity will be over 4,700 tonnes.
Technical information about Valmet’s delivery for TM 5, TM 6, TM 7, TM 8, TM 9 and TM 10
Valmet’s delivery will include two IntelliTissue 1600 lines including approach piping, and TM auxiliary systems like oil lubrication, S&C system, hydraulic system, mist removal on machine and dust removal system and UTM pulper. Valmet will also deliver onsite installation supervision, training, start-up and commissioning.
The machines are equipped with the Intelli Jet V headbox for premium formation, a big suction press roll and the energy-efficient IntelliCap hood. The lines are designed for low steam and electricity consumption. The fully cantilevered press module enables easy maintenance and improves the machine capacity.
The machines have a width of 2.85 m and a design speed of 1,600 m/min. Each machine will have a daily capacity of 72 tonnes of tissue paper with a basis weight between 11.5-31.3 gsm/m2.
The target for the installation of the IntelliJet hydraulic headboxes is to improve tissue quality and runnability of the current TM 7-TM 10 machines at the mill. The delivery also comprises installation supervision, training, start-up and commissioning.
The Valmet BCTMP technology is integrated to the coated board making line. Valmet’s delivery includes the main equipment for the BCTMP line including the world leading RGP 82 CD and OptiFiner refiners, as well as TwinRoll wash press technology. The delivery scope covers engineering, procurement and site supervision (EPS). Training, site services and corresponding spare parts are also a part of the scope.
Liansheng Pulp & Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd., established in 2020, is a large-scale forest-pulp-paper integrated pulp and paper enterprise. Its main products include for example chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, white cardboard, fine paper and tissue. The company covers an area of ​​more than 300 hectares and has more than 3,000 employees.

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