Ilim Group enters into a strategic partnership agreement with China’s Xiamen C&D Inc

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lim Group presented to Chinese partners its new pulp and paperboard mill (the KLB Mill) in Ust-Ilimsk.

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 The Mill’s output will reach 600 thousand tons of kraftliner per year. Thereby, Ilim’s aggregate exports to China will surge to 2.4 million tons per year
Ilim has been operating in the Chinese market for over 27 years. More than 500 mills in 20 regions of China have become the consumers of Ilim’s products since the cooperation began. By developing in the world’s largest market through its go-to-market strategy, Ilim Group has become No. 1 supplier of virgin corrugating materials to China. At last year’s end,
Ilim’s achievements included, but were not limited to, reinforcement of the Company’s position in the central and southwestern parts of China. Logistics infrastructure developed in the region under One Belt, One Road transcontinental initiative made this success possible. As a result, exports tripled to reach record-breaking 1.7 million tons by the end of 2022, including about 1.4 million tons of pulp and 360 thousand tons of paperboard. By 2025, the Company will have increased its supplies to China by 40%: from 1.7 to 2.4 million tons per year.
Lin Mao, Chief Executive Officer of Xiamen C&D Inc., the world’s largest multi-industry conglomerate ranked among Top 100 World Companies (No. 69 in Fortune Global 500), was a member of the Chinese delegation. Representatives of Shanghai High Hope Pulp and Paper, a service provider for a pool of manufacturing and logistics companies in the Middle Kingdom, were also among the visitors to the new KLB Mill. Delegates from the largest mills producing packaging products incorporated under Shanying International Holdings ranking third in packaging production and second in corrugated packaging production in China, visited the new Mill.
While touring the Mill, the Chinese guests were able to see the parameters of the best-in-class and one-of-a-kind customized board machine (KLB machine). Its capacity is four times as high as that of any standard equipment. As a result of the meeting, agreements on strategic partnership in KLB supplies were signed with such key players of China’s pulp and paper market, as Xiamen C&D Paper and Pulp Company, Suifenhe Sandu Papermaking Company, TC International, Jia Hui Trading, Suifenhe Sanxia Economic and Trade Company, and Shanying International Holdings.
Launching the KLB Mill in Ust-Ilimsk will bolster Ilim’s leadership in the global kraftliner market.

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