Toscotec starts up a complete press section rebuild at Cartiera Pirinoli in Italy

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Toscotec started up a packaging paper machine at Cartiera Pirinoli after the complete rebuild of the press section at their Roccavione facility in Italy.

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Toscotec installed a first nip with double felted press roll and a second nip with a Voith NipcoFlex shoe press designed for a maximum load of 1,600 kN/m. The project also included a fully automatic tail feeding system, felt runs, showers, rolls, doctors, as well as guide and stretcher systems.
The rebuild increases PM1’s post-press dryness, reduces paper breaks and thermal energy consumptions. A high operation flexibility across a large basis weight range and the compliance with new safety regulations are also crucial aspects of the project.
Silvano Carletto, President of Cartiera Pirinoli, says, “The successful completion of this machine upgrade allows us to cut PM1’s consumptions and achieve higher flexibility in the operation of the press section. We especially appreciated the fact that we could find the correct settings of the machine immediately after start-up, almost effortlessly. Toscotec accompanied us throughout this strategic project with high expertise, competence and reliability.”
“It’s a pleasure to witness the startup of a technological upgrade such as this, and we are very satisfied with its successful outcome” says Marco Del Chiaro, Toscotec Project Manager, “the fruitful cooperation with Cartiera Pirinoli’s technical team throughout the project and the synergy with our Voith colleagues supported us in overcoming a few challenges. This rebuild will certainly boost the mill’s production capacity.”
Gian Luca Fornesi, Technical Sales Toscotec Paper & Board, says, “In the design of this modification, apart from the production aspects, we have paid particular attention to the optimization of the safety systems. With this new configuration, the mill personnel can operate the press section automatically in complete safety.”
About Cartiera Pirinoli S.C.
Founded in 1872, Cartiera Pirinoli became a cooperative in 2015. It specializes in the production of multilayer coated carton board for foldable boxes and grey carton for packaging, cores, interlayers, and tubes. It operates one site in Roccavione, near Cuneo, with a production capacity of over 100,000 tons per year, which is distributed both in the national and the European market.

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