What does the future of print look like?

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What does the future of print look like? “Druck & Design – the Conference” explored this question on October 17, 2023 in Munich.

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The all-day event in the “Macherei” provides answers to how creativity and print play a special future-oriented role in times of data-driven product and working environments. Fascinating print products, exciting keynote speeches, practical work panels and, last but not least, the opportunity for designers, printers and creative people to network make the conference an important industry meeting.
As an exhibitor, Mondi will be showing many interesting reference samples at the “Druck & Design” conference to provide and inspire visitors with suggestions for their next design projects. As part of the “Catching Feels” campaign, which has now won 20 awards, Mondi is showing the PERGRAPHICA® lookbook. In this extraordinary book, various papers from the PERGRAPHICA® range are used and enhanced with different printing techniques and special finishes. The lookbook was created in cooperation with photographers and artists from the Adobe Stock Premium Collection.
In addition to three white colors in two surfaces, Mondi offers PERGRAPHICA® Colours, 31 paper colors that give print products more dynamism and emotion. All colors have a high-quality rough surface. The fibers of the premium paper are completely dyed so that there are no white edges when folded and cut – the best prerequisite for a flawless finish. Mondi manufactures the PERGRAPHICA® portfolio in Austria and meets the strict international requirements of Cradle to Cradle Certified® as well as the EU Ecolabel and FSC®, which guarantees responsible forestry and procurement.

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