Rottneros extends partnership with Sting Bioeconomy

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Rottneros is extending its commitment as an active partner in Sting Bioeconomy’s Industrial Partner Program.

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The Industri Partner Program is a platform and catalyst for the crucial green transition aimed at creating a sustainable industry with reduced environmental and climate impact. A significant part of the program involves bringing together startups and industry partners with mutual interests.
“This is an incredibly important collaboration. We always strive to be at the forefront of environmental and sustainability efforts within the group. Our partnership with Sting Bioeconomy is valuable and provides us with the opportunity to engage with companies and entrepreneurs and be a part of innovative processes,” says Lennart Eberleh, CEO of Rottneros.
“It’s very exciting and meaningful that we have the opportunity to continue this collaboration. Rottneros has been a key partner for a long time, and we look forward to continuing the journey with them,” says Victor Isaksen, CEO of Sting Bioeconomy.
The collaboration underscores Rottneros’ commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices and aligns with Sting Bioeconomy’s vision of working with engaged stakeholders to create opportunities for innovative partnerships and environmentally friendly solutions.

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