Toscotec to supply a turnkey tissue line to Softys subsidiary in Mexico

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Softys has selected Toscotec for the supply of a complete tissue line at their facility in Altamira, Mexico. Scheduled for start-up in the first quarter of 2025, the new AHEAD 2.2 line (PM5) will be supplied on a turnkey basis.

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Superior Drying Efficiency 
The AHEAD 2.2 machine guarantees the highest available drying efficiency through the combination of TT NextPress shoe press, TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer, and high efficiency TT Hoods. The shoe press is equipped with TT TurboDryer, which uses heat recovered from the air system to reduce water viscosity and enhance the shoe press’s de-watering action to significantly increase post-press dryness. The Yankee hoods also feature TT Swing, an innovative solution that delivers maximum flexibility and energy saving in regulating the air system operation mode. Based on the production needs, TT Swing can be easily adjusted to run as a parallel system (two separate circuits of heated air, one to the wet end hood and the other to the dry end), a cascade system (air from dry end hood flows into wet end hood before recirculating), or a hybrid system configuration (heated air to the wet end hood and only extraction from the dry end) in order to guarantee optimal energy efficiency in the drying section of the tissue machine.
Turnkey supply to ensure the Highest Performance 
The supply includes the stock preparation, fiber recovery and water systems, Toscotec’s patented TT SAF® DD (Short Approach Flow system with Double Dilution), the AHEAD 2.2 machine with electrification and controls, auxiliary equipment, as well as dust and mist removal systems. The turnkey scope also includes the boiler plant, the air compression, chemical preparation and hall ventilation systems. Softys also purchased a comprehensive service package, which comprises the complete erection, the erection supervision, training, commissioning, and start-up assistance.
Pedro Urrechaga, Managing Director of Softys subsidiary in México, says, “We pursue our strategic growth in the Mexican market with a focus on the efficiency of our operations. With a clear view of our future, we selected Toscotec for the supply of a state-of-the-art, energy efficient tissue line, in order to support our target of generating sustainable value for all.”
Gabriele Romanini, Sales Manager at Toscotec, says: “We are pleased to partner with Softys on this strategic project. Toscotec’s most advanced technology – especially the combined action of the shoe press and the Steel Yankee Dryer – will ensure the highest energy efficiency while the machine runs at its top performance. This new partnership with Softys also strengthens Toscotec’s position in the Latin American market.”
About Softys 
Softys, a CMPC subsidiary, is a manufacturer of tissue and personal care products. Softys is the leading Tissue operator in Latin America, with subsidiaries in Chile, Brazil, México, Argentina, Perú, Uruguay, Colombia, and Ecuador, under well recognized trademarks such as Elite.

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