The recruitment of a new CEO for Paper Province will start immediately.

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“Sandra has achieved a lot during these years. She joined the cluster organizations in a phase when Paper Province faced a strategic choice.

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 With energy and commitment, together with the staff and the board, she started the change journey in an exemplary way. This means that we now have a clear direction forward and great conditions for her successor to continue leading that work,” says Anders Brolin, chairman of Paper Province’s board.
Sandra says that the job as CEO of Paper Province has been a fantastic development journey.
“I am very grateful for my time at Paper Province. The one who takes over after me will become part of a committed team and a large network of stakeholders who collaborate for the industry’s sustainable development. They will have a very fun job to look forward to,” she says.
At the same time, Sandra looks forward to joining the Chamber of Commerce and becoming involved in the mission to put Värmland on the map.
“I really like working in a member organization and am now going to the Chamber of Commerce to be able to do even more for the region. I look forward to working closely with the team, board and all members to make Värmland a better place for businesses. There is an incredible power in Värmland and it will be exciting to drive the Chamber of Commerce further,” says Sandra.

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