Valmet ranked as the most attractive employer in Finland among engineering professionals

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Valmet has been ranked as the most attractive employer among engineering professionals in Finland according to a new study by Universum.

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 The ranking was published in Universum’s annual survey, which is the biggest employer attractiveness survey in Finland. Earlier this year, Valmet was ranked as the second most attractive employer among engineering students in Finland.
“This recognition means a lot to us, and it is another great example of Valmet’s incredible journey. Over the years we have made significant investments into developing Valmet’s high performance culture recognizing individuals and teams for their achievements as well as creating growth and development opportunities for technology professionals and aspiring professionals around the world. This work combined with our consistent company brand building efforts has resulted in a strong employer brand that Valmeteers feel proud about and carry forward as brand ambassadors attracting new talent to the field,” says Julia Macharey, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Operational Development, Valmet.
Being recognized as the most attractive employer among engineering professionals is a great achievement for Valmet in Finland, but according to Macharey, the work done in other 40 operating countries carries equal weight.
“Teamwork is one of the superpowers in the Valmet community, and has a significant role in our success, and we are always on the lookout for professionals who want to succeed together with us. My heartfelt thanks go to all the professionals who contributed to Universum’s survey – we promise to continue to strive for excellence.”
Universum is a global leader in employer branding. Its services include actionable research, strategic consulting, and data-driven communications and social media solutions for talent branding, sourcing, and analytics. On an annual basis, Universum surveys over 1,000,000 students and professionals world-wide.

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