Sonoco adds 2 new EnviroFlex Paper pre-qualifications for How2Recycle labelling

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Sonoco has added two new cold seal structures to the growing family of EnviroFlex® Paper products receiving How2Recycle® Widely recyclable pre-qualification.

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 EnviroFlex Paper Ultimate (ULT) 1.0 CS and Advanced (ADV) 4.0 CS are the first of their kind to bring cold seal properties to curbside recyclable paper packaging. This results from Sonoco’s ongoing efforts to develop and provide a range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to meet the challenging needs of consumer-packaged goods companies in today’s competitive market.
The ULT line of paper-based packaging has high oxygen, moisture, and grease barrier, ideal for moisture sensitive applications like pet treats and products containing nuts. The ADV line provides optimal performance for medium level oxygen and moisture barrier applications, like confections and powdered products. Adding a curbside recyclable, cold seal package to the EnviroFlex Paper line provides a sustainable option and exceptional protection for heat sensitive goods, like chocolate confectionary products. Sonoco understands the importance of providing safe and non-toxic materials in convenient formats; therefore, the company has gone above and beyond to develop the EnviroFlex Paper line without chemicals of concern, such as PFAS and PVDC.
“Non-fiber components may cause disruption during the paper making process and impact the quality of recycled paper.” Laura Buen Abad said, Senior Director of Technology and Marketing. “Through partnering with our suppliers and leveraging our internal screening capabilities to test fiber repulping and recycling, our team has developed cold seal paper-based structures that allow for the clean separation of cold seal and paper fibers and result in excellent paper quality after the standard paper recycling process. This was recently confirmed through third party testing.”
How2Recycle® is the first standardized label system that allows companies to accurately track and measure the recyclability of packaging. The on-pack labeling was created to provide consistent and transparent disposal information for US and Canada consumers.
EnviroFlex Paper can make a real difference in reducing waste and promoting responsible packaging practices. With the How2Recycle® “widely recyclable” pre-qualification, this product will continue expanding Sonoco’s reach and provide access to circular and innovative packaging solutions.

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