The Production of writing paper resumed

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The head of the Paper and Cardboard Syndicate announced the start of producing writing paper in Mazandaran Wood and Paper Company and said, "The price of wheat and flour also affects the price of paper."

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In an interview with ISNA, Abolfazl Roghani Golpayegani, in response to a question about the situation of writing paper production in the country, said, "Due to the 13th government's insistence on domestic production, Mazandaran Wood and Paper Company has returned to the production cycle and been activated in the field of writing paper. This year, it has planned to produce writing paper and is starting to launch writing paper to the market. Of course, the government has other plans in this regard that have not yet come true."
Regarding the increase in the price of paper this year, he said: "Considering the increase in the price of various goods, inflation is inevitable and the price of paper has also increased, but paper has not had an unexpected increase in price during this period."
Last year, Roghani Golpayegani said, "The country needs is about 380,000 tons of writing paper, and 180,000 tons of writing paper production capacity has been created in the country, but production is low because due to existing laws, producers cannot compete with importers."
Paper is also affected by flour and wheat!
Stating that there has been no fundamental change in the field of paper, the head of the Paper and Cardboard Syndicate emphasized, "The price of commercial paper has increased slightly by 7 to 10 percent. This is in contrast to the years when paper prices in the country increased up to 4 times."
He added, "But it should also be taken into account that the price of paper is also affected by the price of wheat and flour because a part of the paper production depends on starch which is obtained from flour and wheat. Therefore, the increase in the price of flour will also affect the price of paper."

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