Exporting 25,000 tons of Iranian Flute paper to Iraq

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The Managing General of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory announced the export of the factory's first shipment of paper to Iraq.

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Omid Niknejad, the managing director of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory, in an interview with Tasnim News Agency's cultural correspondent,  announced the factory's Flute paper exports to Iraq and said, "The first and the largest shipment of Mazandaran Wood and Paper was exported to Iraq.
He continued, "The first export shipment of Flute paper in the amount of 25,000 tons was exported to Iraq. By exporting this amount of paper to Iraq, 12 million Euros will be brought to the country.
The managing director of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries stated, "We are trying to increase this amount of exports to 50,000 tons and provide more foreign currency."
What happened to the contract between the Ministry of Guidance and Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory?
Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory has an annual production capacity of 85,000 tons of Flute paper. Flute paper or corrugated paper is the name of thick and corrugated paper that is used as a middle layer in carton making. The pulp as the raw material of this paper is obtained from agricultural waste, non-wood fibers, wood pulp, waste paper, recycled and so on.

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