Strengthening the domestic production infrastructure is the way out of the paper crisis

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The Director of Safir Ardahal Publications believes that strengthening the infrastructure of domestic production is the first way out of the paper crisis, and after that there should be government subsidies until the ideal situation is reached.

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correspondent said, "Unfortunately, in the past decades, no attention has been paid to the domestic production of paper. It's very important now if this happens and domestic paper is produced. This means that the domestic paper should only be produced and the issue of quality is not the first priority. At present, as a publisher, if you are looking for Pars paper, you will not find it in the market."
He added, "Domestically produced paper these days feeds only 10 to 15% of the publishing work. Finally, after all these years, something must happen and the paper must be strengthened. We cannot still depend on foreign paper after 40 years. If there is a large amount of paper on the market, regardless of its quality, we will certainly not be in a situation like today, so the first suggestion for getting paper out of a critical situation is to strengthen the domestic production infrastructure."
The Director of the Publications said, "The government subsidy for paper in the last two years has helped the paper market and, of course, the book market. This allocation of subsidy should still continue because it is a relief medication and must exist now for publishers to survive. Even if the subsidy is removed, it will not really be possible to engage in book publishing."

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