Falling prices in the stationery market / lack of customers forced traders to lower prices

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The price of writing paper, which had risen last week along with the increase in the exchange rate, has decreased by 40,000 Tomans due to the lack of demand in the market.

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According to the cultural correspondent of Tasnim News Agency, the price dro‌p in the paper market has started since yesterday and seems to be continuing. After a short break, the prices have been reduced to 650 thousand Tomans for each ream of 70 by 100 cm writing paper with the grammage of 70, now the prices have been reduced to 600 to 610 thousand Tomans.
The increase in the price of paper in the free market has taken place in recent weeks with the increase of the exchange rate and the approach of September. According to market experts, the increase is due to the demand for the production of writing instruments and notebooks, an issue that, of course, the stationery guild did not approve of and reported the cold market of these products at the beginning of the school year.
The price of other types of paper in the market has also been accompanied by changes. Newsprint is still associated with an increase in price and has reached 23 thousand 500 to 24 thousand 500 Tomans per kilogram. Glossy paper is also associated with an increase in price and has reached the level of 28 thousand Tomans per ream.
The price of writing paper has decreased in the free market while publishers, as part of the consumers of this paper, have been waiting for the subsidized papers of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for a long time; because today's economic conditions do not allow the publisher to work with price of 600 thousand Tomans a ream because the price of the book will be multiplied.

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