From distributing cloth bags to face-to-face training of citizens

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Simultaneously with the week without plastic, the programs of the social deputy of Tehran municipality will be held from July 10 to 12, focusing on the distribution of cloth bags and educating citizens in 22 districts.

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According to ISNA, the special programs of the week without plastic will be held in cooperation with the "General Directorate of Citizenship Education" and the "General Directorate of Environment and Sustainable Development" to inform citizens about the dangers of using plastic disposable bags and containers and to institutionalize cultural patterns in the field of reducing the use of these materials at the community level and the need to replace them with cloth bags, plant and paper containers and other alternatives.
Information in the context of cyberspace and mass media in order to promote the culture of reducing the consumption of plastic bags, disposable polymer containers, and the need to use environmentally friendly alternatives, to provide distance learning by using cyberspace and displaying graphic designs in urban and neighborhood advertising spaces, and to hold event-based educational and promotional programs with a socialization approach and citizen participation in the campaign of plastic-free week are among the planned programs underway.
According to the public relations report of the Deputy Mayor of Tehran for Social and Cultural Affairs, with the cooperation of the municipalities of 22 regions, during the week without plastic, we see establishing stands or booths for providing cloth bags, face-to-face training focusing on the need not to use plastic bags, distributing and publishing the produced contents including motion graphics, clips, posters, etc. in the cyberspace of 22 regions, providing continuous training in the stands of the department stores, fruit and vegetable markets of the selected regions to the citizens, and implementing the project of environmentally friendly bakeries, etc. 

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