Fifteen percent increase in the price of tissues

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A board member of the Association of Sanitary Cellulose Industries reported a 15 percent increase in the prices of tissues and other cellulose products compared to the end of last year but said new prices had not yet been imposed due to the market downturn.

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In an interview with ISNA, Hashem Ali Hassani stated, "A permit has been issued for a 15% increase in the price of cellulose products, which is about to be implemented, referring a 39% increase in salaries and wages as one of the reasons for this price rise." He added, "On the other hand, pulp is a completely imported commodity, 70% of which is in the hands of the United States, which has its production infrastructure and the rest of which is produced in Europe, Indonesia and other countries."
According to the member of the board of the Iranian Association of Sanitary Cellulose Industries, the increase in the exchange rate has a direct impact on the price of cellulose products. On the other hand, after the outbreak of the Corona virus, pulp became scarce for a while, as a result of which videos of the rarity of cellulose products were released in foreign countries. Following these problems, paper pulp became more expensive in Iranian hands.
Stating that in 1400 many goods became expensive for more than twice, he said, "The only commodity that became more expensive once has been cellulose products. Also, the lowest price increase was related to paper napkins and cellulose products, and other goods became over 15% more expensive."
According to ISNA, currently in the 124 website, the price of each pack of 200 ordinary sheets of tissues is about 8250 Tomans and each pack of 300 sheets of ordinary tissues is about 12 thousand and 600 Tomans; therefore, with a 15% increase, the price of each pack of 200 sheets and 300 sheets of tissues will reach about 8500 and 14 thousand and 500 Tomans.

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