Launching an "online monitoring system" in line with the green industry

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The CEO of Rasha Caspian Company in Zanjan said, "The supplementary steps of Rasha Caspian Iranian Company in order to align with the green industry will be taken by installing and operating an" online monitoring system "at the exit of the complex wastewater treatment plant."

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Today, in an interview with a Fars reporter in Zanjan, Hossein Paydari stated, "The operation of this industrial and production complex has been a valuable move in preventing the cutting of trees for the production of all kinds of paper by operating in the industry of producing all kinds of paper packaging cartons because the procedure of recycling, processing and converting all kinds of paper and cardboard waste into all kinds of packaging cartons paper was planned in Zanjan Industrial Town No. 1 and has been in operation since 1995."
He added, "At the same time, the effective control of the operation of the complex wastewater treatment plant to bring the effluent to the standard range is of great importance. In this regard, last year, this environmental concern was practically resolved was also eliminated by constructing and operating the second phase of the ETP2 wastewater treatment plant with an investment of 700 billion Rials."
Explaining this issue, Paydari said, "In order to enable online control and monitoring of the final output, this system has recently been equipped with" online monitoring "equipment, which allows the treatment plant output status to be under constant control and monitoring in terms of important and key parameters such as COD, BOD, TSS, PH and electrical conductivity, which indicates the correct operation of the treatment plant, and in case of functional problems and errors, effective measures will be taken immediately to correct and eliminate possible defects.
He added, "The best equipment and instruments and monitoring tools with world-renowned brands of E&H, WTW and some reputable domestic equipments have been used in designing and installing this system. 
The CEO of Rasha Caspian Company continued, "The officials of this company are committed and obliged to strictly observe the environmental requirements and the principles of sustainable development, and since the basis of work in the activities of this complex is to recycle and prevent the trees from cutting down, the completion of the green value chain and the full establishment of a clean, green and environmentally friendly industry are on out serious agenda."

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