Iran lost the markets of 14 neighboring countries to Turkey

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The comparison of the exports of Iran and Turkey shows that Iran's share of the market of 14 neighboring countries has fallen sharply.

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The comparison of the exports of Iran and Turkey to 14 Iran's neighboring countries shows that in the first 10 months of 2020, Iran exported a total of 14 billion and 700 million dollars to 14 neighboring countries (excluding Turkey).
During this period, Turkey's exports to 14 neighboring countries of Iran is about 23 billion and 300 million USD, which is about 8 billion and 579 million USD more than our country's exports.
According to these statistics, in the markets of the four countries of the UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Armenia, our country has more exports to these markets than Turkey, and in the 10 other markets, including Iraq, Azerbaijan, Russia, Oman, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Turkey exports to these markets are more than those of our country.

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