The first shipment of paper rolls arrives in the Caspian port from Russia

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Referring to the mooring of the ship carrying the first cargo of this new goods, including 722 rolls of paper in the Caspian port, the Deputy Minister of Ports and Caspian Affairs of Anzali Free Zone Organization said, "Attracting various goods and identifying new markets in Caspian ports is the most important programs of Anzali Free Zone in the current year."

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According to Mirza's home-town informative website, Amin Ofoghi stated, "Due to the development and completion of port infrastructure in the Caspian port complex and the legal benefits and exemptions of free zones, the identification of new markets by this organization has been put on the agenda."
Stating that the Caspian port is the third generation port with a large basin, high water intake and 500 hectares of operational backing, the Deputy Minister of Ports and Caspian Basin of the Organization added, "According to the plans made to benefit from the capacity of the Eurasian Economic Union, International crossing of the region, and attracting new and diverse goods, we will see a new chapter in the development of trade relations in the port of Anzali Free Zone this year."
Stating that more than 95% of the goods imported to Caspian port are the basic goods and raw materials of the country's production units, engineer Ofoghi continued, "In addition to increasing efforts and significant measures of Anzali Free Zone Organization to connect Caspian port to the national railway as soon as possible in the first half of this year, the logistical and transit capacities of this region will increase with the completion of the face-to-face wharf project and other port infrastructure under construction in the Caspian port." 
The executive member of the board of directors of Anzali Free Zone Organization reminded, "By commissioning the new production units of Town No. 2 and the construction of Industrial Town No. 3 in the back of Caspian Port, we will see more diversity in trade of goods from this port complex."
Pointed to the supply of about 90% of the country's paper through imports, he specified, "Due to the advantages of the Anzali Free Zone, in the first stage, 722 rolls of paper entered the Caspian port complex from the Russian port of Astrakhan which were unloaded and storedin the port's covered warehouses after customs formalities in order to be used as the raw materials for use in printing and publishing centers after clearance."
Referring to the agreement reached on the continuation of imports of paper rolls of newsprint from the Caspian port, engineer Ofoghi emphasized, "Due to the country's major need for paper imports and Russia's high capacity to produce paper and related products, this product is on the list of 390 items of preferences granted by Iran to the Eurasian Economic Union."

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