A new record in the production and sales of Ghaemshahr Paper Industries Company

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Ghaemshahr Paper Industrial Company managed to set a record in production and sales last year.

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According to the public relations of Atieh Saba Investment Company, Mehdi Kameli, the CEO of Ghaemshahr Paper Industrial Company, said, "Ghaemshahr Paper Industrial Company experienced a growth of 60% in production and 100% in sales in 2020 compared to previous years."
He added, "The operating profit for selling products for the company has tripled compared to previous years. And this has caused the accumulated losses that occurred during the years 2003-2017 due to the cessation of the company's activities to become zero because of the activities that took place in the years 2018-2020 and the company to face a significant profit."
Kameli further clarified, "Our goal is to achieve more records" he added, "Accordingly, two development plans have been predicted.
1. The short-term plan to add cutting and packaging machines, as well as the addition of women's health products, which was also seen in the 2021 budget.
2. The principle development plan includes the production of pulp from straw and stubbl, which is one of the priority plans of the country and Mazandaran province, as well as the production of tissue from pulp. These activities will change Ghaemshahr Paper Company into the cellulose pole in the country in the coming years."
Stating that the measures taken last year, the CEO of Ghaemshahr Paper Industrial Company said, "Among the most important activities carried out in the company is the registration of a capital increase of 120 billion Rials and the withdrawal of the company from Article 141. Also, this company was introduced last year as an industrial unit example of Mazandaran province."
He emphasized, "In order to increase the sales of products, contracts have also been concluded with the Daily Market chain stores (Mihan subdivision) and Sorena, as well as in the online sales section of the Digi Kala store, which we hope to sell more products."
Kameli further said, "I appreciate all the colleagues in Ghaemshahr Paper Industrial Company, as well as the esteemed members of the board of directors and the esteemed shareholders, especially Atieh Saba Investment Company and the National Pension Fund for the trust they have had in the complex."
He added: "I hope that in 1400, which is adorned by the Supreme Leader as the year of "Production, Support, Removing Barriers", appropriate measures will be taken for the leading projects with the support of esteemed shareholders, Atieh Saba Investment Company and the State Pension Fund."

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