50% reduction in Iranian exports to Turkey

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The customs spokesman said, "In 2020, our country's exports to Turkey experienced a decrease of 63% in terms of weight and a decrease of 50% in terms of value compared to 2019."

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According to Mehr News Agency , Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi stated, "The total trade of the country to Turkey in 2020 was 11 million 178 thousand tons of goods amounting to 6 billion and 856 million dollars, the exports share of which was 6 million 361 thousand tons amounting 2 billion and 512 million dollars, and the share of imports was 4 million and 817 thousand tons worth 4 billion and 344 million dollars."
He added: "In 2019, our country's exports to Turkey were 17 million and 351 thousand tons worth five billion and 30 million dollars. Unfortunately in 2020, the goods exported to Turkey decreased by ten million and 990 thousand tons in terms of weight and two billion and 518 million dollars in terms of value, that is -63% in weight and -50% in dollar value."
Regarding the changes in imports from Turkey in 2020 compared to 2019, the customs spokesman also explained, "In 2019, 5.703 million tons of goods worth 5 billion and 27 million dollars were imported from Turkey to our country, but in 2020, the imports faced a decrease of 886 thousand tons in weight and 683 million dollars in value and reached 4 million 817 thousand tons of goods worth 4 billion 344 million dollars; we had a decrease of 15.5 percent of imports in terms of weight and 13.5 percent in terms of value from this country."
Regarding the value changes of the country's trade with Turkey, Latifi said, "In 2020, the average value of goods exported to Turkey was $ 394.9 per ton, while in 2019 it was $ 289.9 per ton, the average value of goods imported from Turkey was $ 901.8 last year, while in 2019, the average value of imported goods was 881.4."
In respect of the items exported to Turkey in 2020, Latifi said, "Natural gas, dry fruit and nuts, milk powder and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, beeswax, vinegar, tobacco, different types of salt, minerals, traditional non-alcoholic distilled liquid, different types of polymer, building materials, all kinds of doors and windows, all kinds of clothes, bags and shoes, raw leather, fabrics and carpets, ceramic tiles, all kinds of stones, all kinds of dishes, sanitary ware, plumbing supplies and fittings, home appliances, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, electronic devices, steel sheets and ingots and… were among our country's exports to Turkey in 2020."
Concerning the goods imported from Turkey, the Secretary of the Customs Information Council added, "Cereals, barley, bananas, rice, seeds, different types of oils, cocoa, fruit essence, industrial oils, paraffin, industrial acids and oxides, different types of medicines, vaccines and medical and dentistry requirements, all kinds of fertilizers, industrial raw materials, all kinds of fabrics, car parts, printing ink, all kinds of paper and cardboard, paints, minerals, wood sheets, galvanized sheets, all kinds of bolts and nuts, industrial machines, agricultural tools, all kinds of forklifts, cranes, sewing tools and accessories and packaging equipment and… were among the goods imported from Turkey by our country in 2020."
It is worth mentioning that the closure of Turkish borders for several months (until September) and the intensification of corona- related health protocols , the reduction of gas exports to Turkey after the explosion of the Iran-Turkey gas pipeline (in Gorbulagh, Turkey) are the main reasons for the decrease in Iranian exports to Turkey in 2020."

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