The criticism of the plan to produce paper using straw in the country / within another 15 years, cattle do not have straw to eat

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Criticizing the plans to use straw to produce paper instead of animal feed, the former technical deputy of the country's Animal Husbandry Organization said, "In the medium and long term, preparing and supplying straw for livestock and ranchers will be one of the main challenges."

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Mohammad Rasekh Afshar, the former technical deputy of the country's Animal Husbandry Organization, said in an interview with Tasnim economic reporter, "According to statistics, the average rainfall in Iran in the past few decades is from 240 to 250 mm per year; most of the rains occur in autumn and winter, and as a result, in spring and summer, which are the seasons of cultivation, agriculture and irrigation, we face a water limiting factor in the country."
He added: "Even in the Hyrcanian climate, where the rainfall reaches up to 2000 mm in a city like Astara, the summer cultivation needs irrigation, and the water is considered as one of the limiting factors of the agricultural sector in Iran in different periods."
Regarding the average rainfall in the world, Rasekh Afshar said, "In Europe, the average rainfall is 734 mm, which is 3 times as much as that in Iran, and the continents of Asia have 726 mm, Africa 686, the United States 1159 and Oceania 734 mm per year."
Pointing out that the amount of rainfall in some of Iran's neighboring countries is more or less the same as in Iran, he said, "Iraq has 216 mm, Afghanistan 327, Turkmenistan 161, Syria 252, Uzbekistan 206, Oman 125 and Kuwait 121 mm rainfalls per year. The countries with almost twice as much rainfall are Pakistan (469 mm), Azerbaijan (447 mm), Armenia (562 mm), Turkey (593 mm) and Tajikistan (691 mm) rainfalls per year."
The researcher of the agricultural sector continued, "In the current situation, more than 500 regions and cities in Iran have acute water shortage or poverty problems, and about one third of the country have moderate to severe water problems in most of the time, and about 35 million people in Iran face water stress."
Mentioning the desertification as the next factor limiting the development of animal husbandry in the country, he added, "Desert is a historical geographical phenomenon and 100 million hectares out of 160 million hectares of the country, which is about 60% of the total area, are in desert and semi-desert climates."

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