The details of Iran's export and import statistics with Turkey

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In its latest report, the Tehran Chamber of Commerce assessed the joint Iranian-Turkish trade in the first 10 months of this year.

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According to ISNA, as per the report, from the beginning of 2020 to the end of October, Iran exported about $ 795 million worth of goods to Turkey, which shows a decrease of 74% compared to the same period last year.
The estimates show that the main reason for the decrease in these export statistics was the US sanctions and the decline in the exports of Iranian oil and oil derivatives to Turkey.
In the first 10 months of 2019, Iran exported about $ 3 billion worth of goods to Turkey.
Iran also imported about $ 1billion and 350 million worth of goods from Turkey in the first 10 months of this year, a 29 percent decrease from the same period last year. In 2019, this figure exceeded one billion and 900 million dollars. Thus, Iran's trade balance in cooperation with Turkey has decreased by about $ 1.7 billion.
In October, Iran exported about $ 94 million worth of goods to Turkey, which does not show a decrease compared to the previous month and the same month last year.
The studies also show that since the third month of this year, the amount of joint trade between the two countries has decreased significantly, mainly due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Iran's main exports to Turkey are plastics, copper, zinc, fertilizers, aluminum, mineral fuels and precious stones. Also, the main goods imported from Turkey are hot water boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, tobacco, paper and cardboard as well as wood and its components.
The estimates of joint trade between Iran and Turkey show that due to the decline in Iran's exports to this western neighbor, Turkey has lost its position among the country's main trading partners to some extent, and at present, Iran's main export destinations have been Iraq, China, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.

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