The Carton warehouse of one of Saveh';s factories caught fire

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The director of Saveh Municipality Fire Department and Safety Services said, " The firefighters are controlling the fire in one of the sheds of the carton factory of Kaveh Industrial Park."

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Mohammad Reza Barzegar told IRNA, "This incident happened in this company, which is located on the 23rd Street of Kaveh Industrial Park on Nov. 16th, and the firefighters are controlling the flames."
He said, "In addition to the application of the full capacity of the fire brigade based in Kaveh Industrial Park, three units of Saveh Municipality Fire Department are engaged in controlling the incident."
He said: "All this shed, which is used as a warehouse, has caught fire."
Barzegar said: "Despite controlling the situation, the fire is still going on."
Kaveh Industrial Park, located 10 km north of Saveh city, is the largest industrial complex in the country.

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