The first European conference to attract investors to Iranian markets

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The European Union became the sponsor of the first conference to attract investors to Iranian markets after the finalization of Joe Biden's presence in the White House for the next four years which is a positive sign for JCPOA.

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According to Bourse Press News Agency, Bloomberg announced, "The conference aiming to attract European investors to Iranian markets will be held providing the sanctions are removed. The conference sponsored by the European Union will be held from December 14th to 16th.
According to the report, international conferences had been increased for the attraction of the European investors, but all these meetings were cancelled due to heavy sanctions after the withdrawal of the United States.    
One of Joe Biden's promises has been the US return to JCPOA, and he expects Iran to honor its obligations within the framework of JCPOA in return of lifting sanctions and Washington's joining JCPOA again.

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