Launching a "new line for the production of pulp from recycled paper" in Zanjan

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The CEO of Zanjan Rasha Caspin announced the launch of a "new pulp production line from recycled paper (DIP) " in Zanjan and said, "This line will save $ 80 million for the country."

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According to the correspondent of the Provinces Group of the Young Journalists Club of  Zanjan , the CEO of Rasha Caspian Zanjan, Payedari said, "The launch of the "new line of recycled paper pulp (DIP) production" in Rasha Caspian Industrial Complex in Zanjan will be accompanied by $ 80 million savings for the country. 
He added, "With the launch of this new production line, it was possible to recycle white paper, color printed of waste newspapers and magazines, notebooks, books, obsolete office documents in the recycling lines of Rasha Caspian Complex." 
The CEO of Rasha Caspian Zanjan continued, "One of the key features of this line is the possibility of using recycled water and low water requirements."  
Paydari stated, "In the year of the production leap and in the continuation of the development activities of Rasha Caspian Company is active in the Industrial Park 1 of Zanjan, and after 20 months of intensive and Jihad work, a new production line was launched to produce a very important intermediate product called pulp."
He added, "This modern line has the ability to produce de-inked and bleached white paper pulp from waste paper and colored printed waste paper for the reuse in the paper machine, and thus the consumption of imported pulp will be reduced by up to 80% by producing this product in the country, in the process of producing white packaging paper, gypsum white paper or duplex board based paper."
The CEO of Rasha Caspian Zanjan said, "The nominal and practical capacity of this line is equivalent to 250 tons per day of desalinated pulp, and its dedicated employment is directly equivalent to 80 people, and the only similar line in the country is a 50 ton unit in Hashtgerd industrial city which is used to make paper napkins."
He continued, "This intermediate product used to be supplied through imports from foreign countries, and with the launch of the new DIP line, there will be a practical savings of $ 80 million due to the decrease in imports."
Payedari added, "One of the technical features of this system is the use of the latest technology in the world in the deinking system by Floatation method. All equipment and control systems are made by reputable foreign manufacturers, and the system is designed to use different degrees of white paper waste quality from magazines and newspapers to waste of notebooks, books and bindings, as well as a variety of printed and colored office paper."
 The CEO of Rasha Caspian Zanjan said. "Also, in order to increase the accuracy and quality of pulp production, processing and cleaning operations, a central control system with various online measuring tools and equipment has been used, which makes it possible to control all parameters of pulp and leads to the production of a homogeneous and uniform product."
He added, "One of the environmental features of this new unit is to use the treated outflow water from the paper machine and its requirement of water is very low."

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