The production of antibacterial non-woven fabrics to remove coronavirus

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The researchers at a technology company have developed a non-woven medical textile and nano-surgical mask with the ability to remove pathogens.

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Stating that the global outbreak of Corona virus has led all companies producing spunbond to the production of medical and hospital textiles, Amir Hossein Bakhtiari, the CEO of the technology company said, "Given the fact that the required research and studies to produce the product with antibacterial and antiviral properties for medical use had started in our complex two and a half year before the advent of corona virus, the company's research and development team accelerated the existing process, which fortunately we obtained spunbond fabric  with antimicrobial properties after continuous testing and efforts of the company's expert forces."
Considering this technology as destroying a high percentage of microorganisms, he said, "We managed to pass all standards and safety and effectiveness tests by implementing the requirements of the standard and receive the relevant certificates, while we succeeded in licensing the production and production of products, while we could receive nano-antibacterial surgical mask, non-sterile nano-antibacterial clothing and nano-antibacterial patient's under sheet from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment."
Bakhtiari added, "We have also received the nanoscale certificate of the nano headquarters. We have also received the license to produce nano-antibacterial handbags, nano-antibacterial travel mats, nano-antibacterial sheets and pillowcases, and now the research and development group is continuing its efforts."
 The CEO of this company expressed his hope that in the near future, thanks to the efforts of the medical staff of the country, the nonwoven fabrics that will destroy Corona will be delivered to the medical community and we will present it to the public in the second phase."
According to him, nonwoven fabrics are a type of fabric in which the fibers are separated and spun either directly and in parallel or in random order are joined together and bonding operations are performed on them. Masks, pads, roof covering insulation, various types of insulation and wallpaper are types of nonwoven fabrics."
One of the types of non-woven fabric is spunbond, which is made of polypropylene and is also known as disposable or non-woven fabric. This fabric is made in different thicknesses and weights. This fabric has many applications such as tea bags, cloth handbags, industrial filters and packaging and cover industries.
According to the Nano Headquarters, textiles produced from spunbond are discarded after consumption, and due to the widespread use of these textiles in industrial applications, it is possible to transfer microbes and contaminants out of the place of consumption by this type of fabric. The use of nanoparticles in the internal structure of spunbond leads to its antibacterial properties and allows it to be used in industrial applications and everyday applications in contact with microbes.

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