Private Sector's Day of Manhood and resistance

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It has been a few days since I wondered how weak and unable is the human being, this conceited creature. If there were not the God's favor, a virus, merely a virus among millions of virus and among billions of risky factors dominating the world, can make such a fuss.

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The basis of the global, and of course domestic, communications and interactions has been so impacted by Corona disease that we hardly say that a similar phenomenon has been in the recent decades in such a scope.
What we are experiencing in the country nowadays is a mixture of contradictions that sometimes portray the ultimate purpose of God in human creation in the form of a perfect human and sometimes portray the mean and lowly face of anthropomorphic creatures who have inherited nothing from humanity except the appearance. These days we find that although we are forbidden to have close physical contact, the hearts of people are much closer to one another and the dewy of kindness have brought a refreshing sense of hope and empathy on every leaf of this stressful time. 
In fact, these days are the period of testing human and humanity, the days when social responsibility at all levels of the individuality and society, including enterprises, have become a pervasive and essential issue for crisis management.
Private enterprises have perhaps been undergoing the toughest tests at this point in time bringing together a mixture of economic, social, and human components. Enemy sanctions and economic war and self-imposed sanctions and irregularities in the business environment have tightened the throat of the private sector and business owners in the year 2019 amid the continuous efforts of private sector executives to secure end-of-year costs and to keep firms with concern about the risks of the business environment which have imposed additional pressure on businesspeople when suddenly Coronal virus appeared and created a new real crisis in the twinkling of an eye which could not have been predicted by private sector three months ago. Now, despite all the problems and pressures on the domestic private sector, we are in a situation where society is in dire need of businesspeople fulfill their social responsibilities in order to deal with the crisis of Corona disease. There is a very short opportunity, and it is not the time to contemplate. Undoubtedly in this era of history, the performance of different sections of the society, including statesmen, medical personnel, civil activist, private sector, whether good or bad, obscene or beautiful  will be well documented forever in our country's history,  and Iranians and the people of the world will judge us forever in near and distant future.
Today is the private sector's day of manhood and resistance that has bent under the problems, but in the current situation, it should put on a brave face and mobilize its resources to help people. Undoubtedly, maintaining the health of employees at all costs should be the top priority of any corporate social responsibility. Designing innovative and tailor-made programs to help prevent disease progression, such as providing health care items to vulnerable groups, collaborating in community education to combat disease, bringing new technologies for the distribution of people's requirements, and equitable distribution of products and services to minimize the presence of people in society, responsible production and jihad to prevent shortages in the health sector and dozens of other examples can be examples of what the private sector of the country is obliged to do at this particular time as its social responsibility. It is a great pleasure to find that economic activists have realized the importance of the situation, launched their Respiration Campaign and started their role in the society.
Today is the day that the world will see and find out the poetry of our poet envisaged at the United Nations for the whole world has originated from the ancient culture and values of the Iranian people: "Adam's descendants are members of one entity   who are created from one essence".

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