Paper prices rose again

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The price of writing paper on the free market has increased again, a price that in the days of a sluggish market due to the corona outbreak does not make sense.

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According to the Tasnim News Agency's cultural reporter, nowadays the market of various commodities in Iran is moving towards recession due to the growing epidemic of the Corona virus. The writing paper price which faced a sensible dro‌p two months ago rose again.
Accordingly, the price of each ream of writing paper of 100 × 70 with the grammage of 70 was dealt at 355 thousand Toman on Feb. 20, while it was sold at between 290 and 310 thousand Toman two months ago.
Experts have cited different reasons for the increase in paper prices over the past two weeks, including increased demand on the verge of the parliamentary elections, rising demand in the days leading to the end of the year, the exchange rate fluctuations, etc.
However, given the slowdown in the market for various goods and the delay in holding the Tehran Book Fair, the price increase does not seem reasonable.

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