Dr. Rezvanifar, the CEO of Social Security Investment Co (Shasta), visits Latif Paper Products Company.

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According to Public Relations of Latif Paper Products Company, on Thursday, Feb. 20th, the CEO of Social Security Investment Co (Shasta), Rezvanifar visited the factory in Hashtgerd Industrial City.

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After having been welcomed by Mr. Khoshouei, the Managing Director of Latif Paper Products Company and the managers of different units of the company, Dr. Rezvanifar visited different departments of the production line including deinking, paper machine, cutting, and packaging as well as the central lab of the factory and warehouses of cellulosic raw materials and company products. 
Explaining on the capacity and amount of the production, Khoshouei talked about the issue of exports and bringing foreign currencies to the country, as well as opportunities and challenges ahead of the company. 
Following the visit, the CEO of Social Security Investment Co (Shasta) praised the performance of the managers and workers of the company and announced his satisfaction with the business environment of the group.
He said, "Taking action to enter the stock exchange can both remove different challenges and provide unique opportunity for the progress and development of the company."
He further emphasized on taking advantage of the capacities and potentials of energy holding and purchase of electricity from it which is very essential way to save financial assets and future measures of the company

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