Not providing quality raw materials is a barrier for the production of packaging paper.

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Paper Manufacturing Industries in Saveh considered not providing quality raw materials as the most important barrier for the production increase.

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In an interview with Fars News Agency in Arak, Saman Esfandiari said, "The Company was established in Kaveh Industrial Park in order to reduce the dependence on foreign production, but the lack and unavailability of quality raw materials is the most important barrier of production increase and exports."
Referring that the raw material is produced from waste paper and cartons, he added, "This kind of paper has no special sponsor in Iran, and also the waste separation from the origin is not paid special attention to, so we have problem with the issues of developing and providing in a timely quality raw materials."
The manufacturer said, "There are problems with importing the raw materials for paper production. Although pursuit of the Syndicate of Paper producers caused an opening, we need the cooperation of customs and the environment in order that we can import to meet a part of our requirements."
Referring that the company has the production capacity of 30 thousand tons of paper by using waste paper, Esfandiari said, "Five percent of the company's production is annually exported to the neighboring countries out of which Iraq and Afghanistan have the highest target market of the products. If the raw materials are sufficiently supplied, we will experience more increase in them."
He continued, "Around 2,000 tons of different types of packaging paper (Liner, Fluting and Test liner) were exported to the mentioned countries."
The manufacturer said, "Packaging paper is a strategic industry because of environmental concerns, so the world is moving away from plastic packaging to paper and cellulosic packaging."  
Esfandiari stated, "In the environmental cycle, paper can be recycled and causes the least damage to the environment; on the other hand it is an employment industry."
He said, "The more investment is made in paper industry, the more direct and indired jobs are created, thus the special attention of senior officials is effective on removing barriers of exports and imports and as a result the industrial boom and dynamism which can change Iran's paper industry into the center of paper making in the Middle East and Asia." 

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