The inauguration ceremony of tissue making factory in Aq Qala

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Vaezi: The message of the inauguration of the civil plants; we are united and will not submit to pressures.

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At the launching ceremonies of tissue making factory (the raw materials for tissue) in Aq Qala, the chief assistance of the president's office emphasized, "The message of these inaugurations and reconstructions to the enemies is that we are united and construct our country and will not submit to pressures."
According to IRNA, on Friday at the launching ceremonies of this production unit, Vaezi said, "We are very pleased with launching this project in Aq Qala which suffered heavy damage in the widespread floods in last March."
The chief assistance of the president's office added, "The real congratulations to the people are when we witness developing and infrastructural projects are inaugurated and launched in different cities and parts of the country which lead to the increase in the employment of the young and the production boom." 
Vaezi noted, "The inauguration of this production plant in Aq Qala is the result of the people's and authorities' attempts to reconstruct the area."
This factory is one of five tissue manufacturing factories of the country. It was made with an investment of 80 billion Toman a great amount of which was provided by private sector and will provide employment for 120 people in the first phase, and it will increase its employment rate at 200 people in June, 2020 when the packaging unit of its product is completed.
The tissue paper is the raw materials used at the tissue, baby napkin and paper tablecloth manufacturing factories.
This production unit was built in a land with the surface area of 12 hectares and has annual sales of 20,000 tons of its products.

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