Saving 688 million Tomans a day by removing egg cartons in the country

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Stating that the costs of cartons for the daily transportation of eggs amount 688 million Tomans, the secretary of the Associations of Iran's Identifiably Registered Eggs said, "In order to reduce the costs of poultry industry, the use of cartons was removed and the eggs placed in egg trays are transported in specialized vehicle."

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According to Tasnim News Agency, in the ceremony of unveiling the National Program Document of Improving Health Quality and Health Assurance of Eggs, Farzad Talakesh, the secretary of the Associations of Iran's Identifiably Registered Eggs, said, "Any egg which has a date of production and expiration does not necessary mean that it can be traced, In this program we are seeking to restore consumer rights so that consumers can monitor and track the products distributed on the market."
TalaKesh added, "The supply of eggs in this method can provide consumers with the option right to buy products classified in two quality categories of A and B which have different prices."
Stating that 83 million tons of carton is used in poultry industry, he said, "688 million toms are daily spent for this issue."
Talakesh stated, "In this plan, the carton for the transportation of eggs is also removed, and only egg trays in specialized vehicle will be used in this respect. To achieve this purpose, the vehicles in which eggs do not require to be packed in cartons will be used."
Stating that poultry industry has the highest consumption of cartons among domestic industries, he noted, "The sheets in rolls used to make cartons are imported, which impose lots of costs on producers of poultry industry, and the removal of cartons can lead to the reduction of this costs for them."
Pointing out that the price of packaged eggs is determined by the Associations of Iran's Identifiably Registered Eggs, he said, "Accordingly, the industries cannot determine the price themselves, which will contribute to price stability."
He noted, "Nowadays, the egg price is 8000 Tomans a kilogram which equals the production costs without considering the producer's profit."

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