The opening of the projects amounting 6700 billion Rials in the Qazvin industrial parks

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The managing director of Qazvin provincial industrial parks announced, "At the same time as the Fajr Decade, over 13 construction projects having the credit of 6700 billion Rials are ready to be operational with the completion of infrastructural and industrial plants in industrial parks and areas."

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On the second day of Fajr decade and on the sidelines of launching ceremonies of two industrial plants in Arasanj Industrial Park with the presence of Qazvin governor, the managing director of Qazvin provincial industrial parks, Hamidreza Khanpour stated, "The construction projects include transmission electrical line and gas network for Caspian Western Development Phase, Running Water Distribution Network of Lia Industrial Park Development Phase, covering with asphalt some boulevards in the Western Caspian Development, Lia Industrial Park Sewer Network, and the operations of preparing the phase 2 of Khorramdasht Industrial Park."  
The managing director of Qazvin provincial industrial parks stated, "The investment for the infrastructural and construction projects was 130 billion Rials."
Pointing to the exploitation of eleven industrial plants, he added, "The industrial plants of Caspian Naghsh Almas Cardboard and Laminate Manufacturing, Alborz Ofogh Copper Cable Manufacturing, Soheil Alborz Iranian Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing, Mah Setak Payandeh Carton Making, Gostaresh Automobile Parts the manufacturer of water pump, engine oil and car cylinder heads of gasoline cars will be launched with an investment of 3000 billion Rials providing occupations for 912 people."
The employment for 150 people in Khorramdasht Industrial Park
According to the Public Relations of Qazvin Province Industrial Parks Company, Khanpour also reported the ground-breaking ceremony of the phase one of the Mayvan Motor Factory units of producing paint of vehicle metal and plastic parts with an investment of 3600 billion Rials which provides employment for 150 people in Khorramdasht Industrial Park.
The managing director of Qazvin provincial industrial parks continued, "There were other programs during Fajr decades including hosting the 12th Basij Futsal Tournament of the Organization of National Small Industries and Industrial Parks Memorial of Martyred Lieutenant General Ghasem Soleimani with the participation of 24 teams from all over the country, the first Festival of Qazvin traditional Baklava and Cookies, visiting provincial industrial parks and areas with the aim of promoting work and production culture, holding industrial tours for school and university students and visiting the families of the Martyred. 
According to ISNA, two industrial plants of Soheil Alborz Iranians and Mah Setak Payandeh, the producer of cartons and corrugated sheets became operational with an investment of 800 billion Rials and occupations for 100 people in Arasanj Industrial Park in the presence of Qazvin governor and a group of provincial industrial managers.
Following the ceremony, the ground-breaking ceremony for the start of constructing development plan of Alborz Beh Sam Co, which is the producer of agricultural and orchard pesticides with an investment of 250 billion Rials and the employment of 25 people, was held. 

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